DEDA S.A. Smart Gas Meters
Smart gas management through smart meters and IoT platform.
Identifying the need
DEDA’s aim is to develop natural gas distribution networks across the Greek territory and ensure an uninterrupted gas supply with a high degree of safety, as well as to provide consumers with an optimal level of service through the implementation of straightforward, prompt and accurate information collection systems.
To that aim, being able to collect consumption information at any time through smart meter technology, identify potential problems and, most importantly, remotely manage meters through an intelligent Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform is of the utmost importance and necessity.
The solutions
Smart Meters
COSMOTE supplied smart natural gas meters to domestic, commercial, and industrial customers connected to a low pressure (4bar) DEDA network in the following cities: Komotini, Xanthi, Drama, Chalkida, Thiva, Serres, Katerini and Kilkis. Using GPRS technology, the DEDA smart meters can connect to the client’s IoT device management platform.
IoT platform
The smart IoT platform of COSMOTE facilitates operational monitoring and renders it possible to identify problems in a timely manner, thus contributing to a more efficient operation of the DEDA distribution network.
The benefits
Lower operating costs
The smart meter readings can now be sent online, driving down the operating costs.
Remote and secure management
Meter information can be securely accessed online. Furthermore, the software of the smart meters can be upgraded remotely.
Value added services
Through timely collection and analysis of consumption information, customers may enjoy value added services, in addition to the advantages of the IoT platform.
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