NarrowBand IoT

With the new NarrowBand-IoT network, the interconnection of devices enjoys a wide range of new “smart” applications!

COSMOTE invests dynamically in new technologies and for this reason it is expanding the NarrowBand IoT (ΝΒ-ΙοΤ) network across Greece. It is a new technology for wireless Internet access that can support innovative applications in the world of Internet of Things (IoT). The innovative NB-IoT technology drastically reduces energy consumption and offers new options to businesses, boosting a wide range of new applications provided at a much lower cost.

Therefore, businesses and Public Organizations can now use the new network and develop solutions aiming to improve the urban environment (via applications such as smart parking or smart lighting), to a better management of the transportation structures (via analyzing street traffic in points of interest), to enhance public safety (via instant alert applications in cases of emergency), to improve the management of public utility services, via smart metering of energy or water consumption as well as many other fields. All these, at a low monthly cost.

And all these at a low monthly cost, since it concerns IoT applications that require small volume of transmitted information (KB). Data consumption is low, since devices are interconnected only when required. For instance, in a Smart Lighting application, the light bulb will interconnect once every 6 months, when replacement is required.

What are the advantages in relation to the existing networks?

  1. The NB-IoT technology offers lower energy consumption. This allows a longer energy autonomy of the connected sensors & devices, which can last up to 10 years with only one charge.
  2. It can provide reliable and strong coverage even when devices are located in basements or below the ground.
The new plan COSMOTE NB-IoT Data Sharing 500ΚΒ offers access to the ΝΒ-ΙοΤ network and concerns usage exclusively via terminal equipment that is compatible with NB-IoT technology.

What are the options of the tariff plan?
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To learn the technical requirements for the operation of the ΝΒ-ΙοΤ, see here