Motor Oil
Motor Oil SD-WAN
Motor Oil
Business Need

The uninterrupted and secure communication among the 35 Points of presence (PoP) of Motor Oil Group throughout Greece, as well as the ability for independent and secure access to the internet and cloud services with a high level of service and availability (SLA), both in the network as well as the applications and services.

The solutions

The solution Cisco Meraki SD-WAN safeguards a simplified, fully shielded network of high availability and extensibility for the integrated management of the WAN network via a Software-Defined Cloud platform. The solution adapts dynamically to the varying WAN circumstances, with no need for manual intervention by the network administrator.


Provision of SLA services of a predetermined high level of availability throughout all the Points of Presence of the client, allowing for the monitoring of the support policies and the safeguarding of the level of support received.

Technological Equipment

The solution includes the necessary technological equipment for the interconnection of the points, as well as for the communication with the administration platform.

The benefits
Secure Connection

Independent and secure access to the internet and cloud services, in all the Points of Presence of the client.

High Availability

Flexibility in the availability and deployment of all network circuits and ability for direct upgrading.

Increased Productivity

The increased performance of the corporate applications improves the user experience and boosts the productivity of the company.


Centralized Security Policy Application System for each Point of Presence through an easy, fast and safe way, making use of the most suitable access technology (IP MPLS VPN or/and Internet).

“Digital interconnection, ensuring all guarantees of functionality and efficiency, is a strategic choice for the Motor Oil Group, but also a vital necessity. The Group operates 24/7 throughout Greece and beyond, in many different locations, with a heavy flow of varied and classified information and actions, the interoperability and security of which require collaboration with modern, cutting-edge information technology and telecommunications. COSMOTE and the solutions provided to our Group ensure a dynamic transition to digital transformation, which for us is vital for the present and the future.”

Nikolaos Giannakakis Chief Information Officer of the Motor Oil Group