Mobile Internet

For you who want to share you available MB
among all your devices!
Benefit of your plan’s MB to the last in all your devices.
Gather your MB
If you are a COSMOTE Mobile subscriber and you are combining it with a COSMOTE Mobile Internet plan, you can now gather the total of your available MB and enjoy them in any device you want!
MB use in additional devices
If you have additional devices where your family members use MB, you can activate extra SIM cards for up to 4 additional devices!
Real control of your MB
With the COSMOTE My Internet service, you can be up-to-date about your MB use at any time with an automatic notification when you run out of MB.
Many more out of home
More flexibility when out of home with free COSMOTE TV GO* and 5GB free at COSMOTE Cloud.
*Restricted to COSMOTE TV subscribers.
Unsurpassable mobile Internet experience via COSMOTE 4G
Enjoy the No1 4G & 4G+ network in population coverage with incredible speeds up to 500Mbps.

Which COSMOTE Mobile
Internet program is suitable for you?

Calculate how many MB you need, based on your daily usage and the device you own.
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