Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

With Mobile Device Management (MDM), you can manage personal and corporate-owned devices (smartphones & tablets), corporate files and business applications from a web portal! 

The MDM service allows the management of mobile devices (smartphones & tablets), provisioning of corporate policies, applications and files. Moreover, MDM provides secure access on corporate email from personal and corporate-owned smartphones and tablets.

At the same time, MDM will help with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance via remote device management.

See the video below :

Τhe service is provided by COSMOTE S.A.

MDM Provides

  • Manage mobile devices remotely. MDM administrator is allowed to remote wipe company data (in case of device loss), enforce password usage for screen lock, restrict user settings for access WiFi, Bluetooth or enable/disable camera usage etc.
  • Control applications (public or in-house). MDM introduces an application store on devices - making the applications available on users for download. Moreover enterprise can restrict specific applications from installation and implement secure access connection to the company intranet.
  • Access on company files. Access on corporate documents on the go. Moreover MDM allows enterprise to push important documents and media to a user's device.
  • Collect Reports. Enterprises are able to retrieve custom made reports directly from a web portal with all mobile devices filtered by status (active/ retired), OS, roaming status etc.
MDM service is provided by COSMOTE in cooperation with MobileIron Inc. MobileIron has been awarded as one of the leaders on the Mobile Device Management area.

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