Managed Network Services
Managed Network Services
Packages & Features
OTE Managed Network Services are available in 3 different packages taking into consideration the level of monitoring and management each Business/enterprise needs.

Monitoring and updating (alerting) for cases of non-availability of the service via mail and /or SMS.
Management of the service through a specialized Managed Services Portal, which contains:
  • Graphic display of the interface status.
  • "Packet loss" and "Round Trip Time Delay" charts.
  • "Packet loss" and "Round Trip Time Delay" charts for each Class of Service (if provided *).
  • List of the most recent alarms related to the interconnection.
  • Creation and monitoring of trouble tickets opened concerning the service.
  • Managing users accessing the portal.
  • How-to section - Installation instructions and management of the active network equipment.
* Refers only to the MNSforLL

Monitoring & Management Basic
Includes all the features of the monitoring service plus:
  • Graph-mapping of the interface speed (bandwidth utilization graphs).
  • Graphic display of the CPU, Memory utilization of the Client Router *.
  • "Router" Management of the Customer concerning failure findings , distance changes in configuration (up to 3 times in 12 months for the Basic configuration of the equipment **) upon  request of the Customer, and any upgrades needed (with additional charge).
  • Create on-line configuration change requests via the "Managed Services Portal".
* Refers only to the MNSforLL
** Basic Router Configuration: integrated in the "Monitoring & Management Basic" packages, contains:
  • ACL
  • Parameter transformations concerning the backup connection (phone, multilink Y / N, change password)
  • Changes in NAT / PAT
  • WAN connection modifications
These operations are being handled remotely (and not "on site" ) by OTE technicians.

Monitoring & Management Advanced
Contains all of the above features of service «Monitoring» and «Monitoring & Management Basic» plus:
  • Graphs which depict the speed of the interface (bandwidth utilization graphs).
  • "Router" Management of the Customer concerning failure findings, distance changes in configuration (up to 6 times in 12 months for the Advanced configuration of the equipment *** for the functionality of the Router) upon request of the Customer, and any upgrades necessary (extra charge).
  • Create on-line configuration change requests via the Managed Services Portal.
*** Advanced Router Configuration: integrated in the Monitoring & Management Advanced package, contains:
  • Security features
  • VPN tunnels / IDS features -Voice/IP Telephony / Routers with multiple WAN interfaces
The above work is being handled remotely (on distance and not "on site" by OTE technicians).

In addition to the information that the company will monitor through the OTE Managed Services Portal, there will be also a "Monthly Availability Report which will be generated by the systems and sent by email, setting out the following: availability, Packet Loss, RTTD of interconnections for the previous month.

The above features are presented in a summary table containing all the sites of the company. The despatch will be made automatically each month. A similar report will be sent to OTE Business Customer Service itself, and will contain aggregated data for all its customers.
Special Terms of Services
  • The Network Services Management is provided only if the Router that the Client has is compatible with OTE network. Especially for the provision of the services of Monitoring & Management Basic or Advanced, a Customer Router constructed by Cisco is required.
  • Regarding the Monitoring & Management for Basic or Advanced services as well as the servicing of any new functional needs of the Client upon request, OTE makes additional work remotely for the configuration of the Router, up to three (3) to six (6) respectively, each year. Any additional configuration work will be carried upon a request submission by the Customer and acceptance of the corresponding offer of OTE.
  • The Customer must immediately notify OTE in any case of blackout of the Router for any reason beyond  his control. The Customer is not entitled, except in some cases, to make a disruption to the power of the Router, unless a written notice has been previously sent to OTE nor later than the previous business day.
  • The right to configuration concerning the services of Monitoring & Management Basic or Advanced belongs exclusively to OTE, in order for the access to be controlled and the management of changes in the configuration of the Router can be facilitated. Only at the request of the Customer and the written consent of OTE, will the access of the Client to the configuration of the Router be allowed.
  • The initial configuration of the Router should have been done or approved by OTE.
  • The Router should support SNMP MIBs, to display CPU and Memory Utilization, and the Client should allow configuring and reading of the SNMP RO Community of OTE.
  • The security policy of the Client must allow the ICMP (ping) protocol by the measuring station of OTE
Configuration of Equipment
Specifically for the configuration of the equipment of leased circuits you are provided with equipment management for the company implementing the VPN or Internet interconnection Projects supported refer to the configuration of the CPE (LL router) in order to be properly connected to the network. The customizations are handled remotely and not on site by a technician.

The Basic option contains:
ACL, parameter conversions of backup connection (phone, multilink Y / N, change password), NAT / PAT changes, modifications of serial connection (encapsulation, multilink), and wider changes such as routing protocols, CoS.

  • Internet Access
  • Change IPs addressing
  • Change Password
  • Add static routes
  • Changes in acls
  • Settings Back-up connections
  • Speed change sub-interface to Frame Relay
  • NAT / PAT (overload)
  • Change / Add static NAT
  • Changes in ports
  • DHCP
  • Add dhcp excluded -address
  • Back-up
  • Changes in dialer or BRI
  • Frame Relay
  • Change DLCI Climate
  • Change CIR
The Advanced option contains:
Security / VPN tunnels / IDS, Voice / IP Telephony / Routers QoS with multiple service interfaces QoS separated by category (Premium, Gold, Silver) Bandwidth rate per service. Specifically:

Security VPN
  • Host-to-Host
  • Host-to-LAN
  • LAN-to-LAN GRE Tunnels
  • Change tunnel source IP
  • Change tunnel destination IP
  • Change tunnel mode (if available)
  • Change network routed to tunnel
  • VPN Client (Host- to-LAN)
  • Change Group (Username) / Key (Pass)
  • Add / Remove users or change the local pool
  • ACL changes on the interesting traffic to be encrypted
IP Security (IPSec) Encryption
  • ISAKMP: Changes related to the Pre-Shared Keys (group, hash, lifetime, authentication, key, peer) or Changes in the CA (RSA Key-Pairs): Size of Signature / Encryption keys
  • IPsec
  • Changes in the Extended ACL
  • Changes in the IPsec Transform (s) set (s)
  • Changes to the Crypto Map (peer, session-key lifetime)
  • Change in the Interface implementing the Crypto Map
Multiple Site VPN
  • MPLS
  • Internet access through the main site
  • Powered by routing protocols (BGP, OSPF)
  • Load Balancing
  • Add new link
  • Back-up
  • Out of band call (direct call from phone to phone)
How to get it

Contacting your Account Manager or COSMOTE Corporate Customer Service at 13818

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