Leased Lines

COSMΟΤΕ Leased Lines

COSMOTE Leased lines (digital and analog) provide permanent connection of dedicated capacity and allow high quality connection between two points, with a speed range from 64 Kbps to 155 Mbps.

Specifically, they are telecommunications lines that connect a point of a single company with another of the same company (or third), without the mediation of OTE Group switch points (centers, switches, routers). The guaranteed offered capacity is for exclusive use by the client. 

COSMOTE Leased lines are used for voice communication, fax, data trasmission, trasmission of radio and / or television programs as well as at for the internet connection of call centers and security systems (alarms, sirens, video cameras). Moreover, they can be used as a means of access to other services such as COSMOTE Dedicated Internet Access, COSMOTE IP VPN, etc .

You can see the contract terms of the service by clicking here

Τhe service is provided by OTE S.A.


COSMOTE Leased Lines offer to the enterprise advantages, such as:

  • High quality communication
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Continuous monitoring of the quality of all circuits by NMS
  • Fixed monthly rate independent of traffic volume
  • Protocol transparent operation
  • Economy
  • Flexibility 

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