IT Integration

IT Integration

OTE Group operates for several years, successfully, in the field of IT Integration, maintaining a market leadership. Addressing complex projects, combining telecommunications services, information technology and specialized solutions, for private and public sector, is an integral part of the Group's activity.
With over 120 certified employees, vendors, sales engineers, specialists in implementation and projects support, OTE offers specialized services in high-tech projects and provides consulting services to businesses or institutions, supporting every stage of a project: the study, implementation, support, maintenance and education of the representatives of the company.

The technical knowledge of the staff, combined with the knowledge in organization and project management (project management skills), and the high quality of the services, creates the conditions for the success of a project. Moreover, the long presence of the Group in the field, gives the executives, the experience needed to implement the most demanding projects.

Moreover, OTE group has a series of alliances with major equipment manufacturers worldwide and with giants companies in their field, but also with major Greek businesses.

Through such strategic alliances, OTE group composes the appropriate partner to each project, to design and implement the optimal solution in each case.

Some of the OTE group strategic partnerships are with: CISCO, ORACLE, Hewlett Packard, Huawei, SAP, Microsoft, Alcatel Lucent, NEC, etc

IT Integration offers: 

  • A complete range of networking systems, computing and applications of the largest manufacturers in the world: networking solutions LAN, WAN and wireless, traditional and IP telephony, communication using video, Unified Communications, security, IT infrastructure systems, business applications within or a cloud infrastructure.
  • Consulting services regarding the design of the offered solutions from experienced engineers, security specialists, and specialized partners in order to effectively meet the specific needs of each company.
  • Implementation from certified engineers, specialized by sector and Project Managers, to ensure high quality and speed in the prescribed cost.
  • Continuous and reliable operation of the offered solutions 24x7x365, including the monitoring of the enterprise network (Managed Network Services), providing predetermined service level (SLA) and allow early intervention before an event becomes a problem (proactive monitoring).
 The successful activation of OTE group in the IT Integration sector is confirmed by the large and successful projects already implemented in the public sector but also for banking institutions.
The project of Electronic Prescribing,  the project for 112 - Number of Emergency, the Connected Hospital project implemented for the Papageorgiou Hospital are just some examples of the complexity of the projects asked to be implement  by OTE group, confirming the level of knowledge and service.
The service is provided by OTE S.A.

Open Telekom Cloud

Now, COSMOTE Business customers can take advantage of the computing resources (Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS) created by Deutsche Telekom Group through T-Systems in Germany. The service is called OTC (Open Telekom Cloud) and offers fully manageable functionality and secure online access to virtual servers. Furthermore, the service is based on OpenStack platform and it is addressed to all types of businesses, regardless their size or industry. The platform is hosted in Deutsche Telekom group data centers and meets high standards of security and data protection.

Any cooperation agreement between a business customer and OTC is completely independent of any existing relationship of the company with products and services provided by OTE Group. This agreement allows the company to "build" a virtual server in minutes via a direct online process with OTC. Support for all OTC service components is possible via a Web console which provides tools for both the purchase of the services and the management and monitoring of the performance of the virtual servers. Especially useful for a company is the detailed documentation of the configuration steps of the service and the direct OTC support telephone line.

OTC platform can be used to create a personalized and fully configurable environment that can directly contribute to the company's IT infrastructure thus ensuring additional and direct resources for all business applications such as email, CRM, accounting systems etc. OTC is designed according to the international electronic commerce standards and supports a scalable computing resources automation system which covers any company need for support of its web site or its web applications.

OTC is offered by Deutsche Telekom Group - T-Systems International.

For more information click on the following link: ΟpenTelekom Cloud