IT Integration
IT Integration
Open Telekom Cloud

With OTC (Open Telekom Cloud), businesses can now benefit from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) created by Deutsche Telekom, through T-Systems in Germany. The service is accompanied by management functionality and safe web access to virtual servers, while it is based on OpenStack platforms and is addressed to all businesses, irrespective of size or industry. Lastly, the platform is hosted in data centres that belong to Deutsche Telekom and meets high security and data protection standards.

The cooperation agreement between the end client/business and OTC is completely independent from any other existing relationship the company has with the OTE Group for products and services, and gives businesses the opportunity to create a virtual server in a few minutes via a direct online process. Support for all service components is possible via a web console, which offers tools both for purchasing services, and for managing and monitoring the performance of the virtual servers. The detailed presentation containing the various steps to set up the environment, as well as the telephone support offered directly by the OTC are quite useful.

The platform may be used to create a personalised and fully configurable environment, which can directly assist in the company’s IT infrastructure, securing additional and immediate resources for all business applications, such as email, CRM, accounting systems, etc. The OTC has been designed based on international e-commerce standards, integrating automatic computing resource scaling, therefore, meeting all support needs for a website or a web application, for example.

The OTC services are available through Deutsche Telekom – T-Systems International. 

For further information, click here: ΟpenTelekom Cloud

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