With 30 voice channels

Business Landline with 30 channels

If your company needs for fixed telephony services are  increased, then you have the opportunity to ensure 30 communication channels with a single login! The Business Landline with 30 channels can cover these needs ,offering high speed, quality, reliability and a number of important advantages such as:

  • 30 simultaneous communication channels
  • Ability to connect to a call center that can be accessed with 300 different numbers
  • Devices connected to the center can be called directly without mediation from an Operator
  • Interconnection of local networks and broadband H / Y (WAN, LAN) via ISDN router
  • High communication speeds up to 2Mb / s
  • highqualityvideo and audio Transfer
  • Ability to interface & compatibility with other networks such as Internet, OTE HELLASPAC, PSTN
  • Internet access at speeds that start at 64kb / s and depend on the features of your Internet service provider
  • Technical Support Services for Corporate Customers of COSMOTE in 13818.
The Business Landline with 30 channels provides 30 B channels with speed 64kbit / s each (via which 30 concurrent communications can be performed) and 1 D channel with speed 64kbit / s (via which the line is signalled).

Τhe service is provided by OTE S.A.


An ISDN PRA telephone line provides a  set of complentary telephony services that can cover the everyday communication needs of demanding subscribers,.

  • Sub Addressing. The subscriber has the option to designate additional digits extending his/her calling number.
  • CW-Call Waiting. The subscriber  while busy receives a ring tone when a third party is calling. The subscriberthen has the ability to either accept the new incoming call, to put it on hold, or to reject it.
  • CH-Call Hold. It allows the subscriber to put an in-progress call on hold in order to make a new call.
  • CFU-Call Forwarding Unconditional. The subscriber can divert all incoming calls to another number of his choice.
  • Call Forwarding Busy - CFB. The subscriber can divert calls to another number of his choice only when his/her line is busy.to a different line when busy.
  • Call Forwarding No Reply-CFNR. The subscriber can divert calls to another number of his choice when the original incoming call is not answered after a specific number of rings.
  • Αdvice of Charge - AOC-Ε. The subscriber can obtain call charge information after a call is completed.
  • Αdvice of Charge--AOC-D. The subscriber can obtain call charge information during the call.
  • CLIP-Calling Line Identification Presentation. The caller's number is displayed on the ISDN device screen
  • CLIR-Calling Line Identification Restriction. The subscriber can prevent the appearance of his/her phone number on the screen of the called party. This provides anonymity to the subscriber.
  • COLP-Connected Line Identification Presentation. With this service, the subscriber is able to see on the device screen the telephone number of the called party. In case of diversion the number displayed is the number of the final destination.
  • COLR-Connected Line Identification Restriction. Enables called parties to not show their number on the caller's device.
  • Outgoing calls barring
  • UUS-User to User Signalling. Subscribers can exchange short text messages (up to 128 characters each). The sender types the message and the recipient reads it on the screen of his/her own device. The message is sent during call setup and before the call is answered.

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