Useful Information
Useful Information
Useful Information
Roaming in Border Areas and Satellite Networks
COSMOTE informs its subscribers who are located on ships, planes or in border areas in Greece that they may inadvertently automatically connect to satellite networks or networks of adjacent countries respectively, via the use of roaming services.Connection to those networks is charged according to the current roaming pricelist.
  • For subscribers located on ships, planes or in border areas in Greece:
COSMOTE reminds its subscribers that they can check if they are roaming by checking that the COSMOTE GREECE NETWORK icon (COSMOTE / GR COSMOTE / C-OTE / 202-01) does not appear on the screen of their mobile phones.
Those that do not wish to use roaming services, in order to avoid different charges, are advised to manually select the COSMOTE network (COSMOTE / GR COSMOTE / C-OTE / 202-01) via the settings of their devices.
Note that the above action does not allow use of roaming services. Therefore, in the future, if you wish to use roaming services, you’ll simply have to choose the «Automatic» network selection via the settings of your devices.
  • For subscribers located in border areas abroad:
COSMOTE reminds its subscribers that they can see the network to which they are connected by observing the name of the network that appears on their screen. (For more information in relation to network providers and network names, check the list of cooperating companies and networks.)
Therefore, those who are located in border areas abroad are advised to manually select the network they wish to connect to, via the settings of their devices, in order to avoid different charges.
If you are no longer in border areas or you wish to change country, the proposed option is the «Automatic network selection», via the settings of your device.

If you need help to select a network and activate/deactivate the roaming service, call Business Customer Service Fixed & Mobile COSMOTE in 13888 if you are a Residential User, a Prepaid or a CostControl subscriber and in 13818 if you are a Business Contract Plan & CostControl subscriber or visit a COSMOTE branch shop.
Useful tips for Internet & e-mail use abroad
COSMOTE advises you that there are cases of automatic, unrestrained connection and data transfer when traveling abroad.

For example, you can deactivate any software or automatic application updates if you don't need them when abroad.

As regards your mobile:
  • Ensure you lock the keypad of your handset, so as to avoid the risk of accidentally pressing buttons that automatically connect you to the Internet.
As regards email settings:
  • You can adjust your email settings so as minimize your data roaming volumes; for example you can only receive the text of your emails (without any attached files) or you can receive e-mails up to a certain data limit e.g. 5ΚΒ or to have the option of opening or not your email attachments.
  • You can also choose which e-mail accounts from all your e-mail accounts, will be automatically synchronized while abroad.
As regards Internet use:
  • We remind you that sites with loads of pictures and video imply downloading a large amount of data.
As regards your applications:
  • Change the settings of your laptop so as to request approval before performing automatic updates, such as: antivirus or windows updates. Select which of your applications should be automatically synchronized while abroad.
  • If you want to download a program, when abroad, first check its size. Some programs maybe substantial in size.
  • Remember that with your navigation software via A-GPS or via the Internet you can download maps of big size. This, however, does not hold for Global Positioning System (GPS) applications.
  • Furthermore we inform you that for even better cost control COSMOTE offers you, free of charge, the service COSMOTE Roaming Data Limit with maximum data transfer limit set at 62€ (with 23% VAT), within the all countries worldwide.
For more information, please see COSMOTE Roaming Data Limit service
Roaming using an alternative provider
From 1st of July 2014 COSMOTE subscribers have the opportunity to choose any available Alternative Roaming Provider (ARP) for access to regulated data roaming services provided directly by the visited network in the European Union (EU), where it has a roaming agreement with the COSMOTE.

In case of selecting an ARP for local data roaming service (if it is active in the EU) during subscribers’ visit in an EU country, the internet data traffic via APN «euinternet» will be charged by the specific ARP and not by COSMOTE.

Data traffic via an ARP will include only traffic via the APN «euinternet» and only to countries within the EU. In some cases, additional services may not be available (eg. MMS, Blackberry etc). Any traffic without the APN «euinternet» or outside the EU will be charged by COSMOTE.

Moreover, subscribers should ensure that they have the correct device settings appropriate for the provision of local data roaming services. Attention should be given to the necessary APN (Access point node) device settings, the 2G/3G/4G network settings, and the manual network selection of the visited network (which should be active throughout the duration of use of ARP’s services) in order to avoid any problems and unwanted charges, both during the journey or upon returning to Greece.
In case of an ARP selection for data roaming, charges shall be made directly by the ARP chosen and COSMOTE won’t be liable for supporting these services.

Whenever ARP subscribers want to use data services offered by COSMOTE, either while roaming or in Greece, they should restore the original network settings of COSMOTE.

Additionally, from July 1, 2014 COSMOTE subscribers have the opportunity to choose any available Alternative Roaming Provider within the European Union, for access to regulated voice, SMS and data roaming services, provided as a bundle.

In case of selecting an ARP for the provision of regulated roaming services within the European Union, the charges for these services shall be made directly by the alternative roaming provider chosen by the subscriber. For any other roaming services, the current COSMOTE pricelist and the corresponding terms and conditions apply.

The above options are available to all postpaid and prepaid subscribers without having to change SIM card or mobile device. In case of modification of the current EU regulation in force and/or the Greek legislation and EETT’s regulatory framework, COSMOTE reserves the right to amend or repeal these options, in accordance with current applicable regulatory and legislative framework.

The service is provided by COSMOTE S.A.