e-Fuel Management

e-Fuel Management

Get the option for managing your business vehicle fleet fuel and reduce its operational costs!
Take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) services such as the complete solution e-Fuel Management which is provided by COSMOTE in cooperation with Emphasis Telematics. This service provides immediate benefits such as reduction of your operational costs, since there is complete control, thus avoiding losses from overconsumption, prevention of fuel theft and evaluation of invoices. Moreover, by locating and tracking the routes and the stops (in Google Maps and in Google Street View), task coordination is enhanced and the level of customer service is increased.

How does the service work

Fuel consumption is managed via a portal that provides:

  • Easy access to information by selecting the vehicle on the map.
  • Estimation of consumption per route, with graphic presentation of the distance that was covered and of the consumption at each moment.
  • Monitoring of the fuel level with automatic renewal in real time as well as information on the position of the vehicle on the map. 
The e-Fuel Management service also offers the option for programing an automatic report send via email, at a predetermined time, for speed exceedance, movement outside the predetermined boundaries (geofence), exceedance of temperature limits and confirmation of smooth system operation. 
The software platform of e-Fuel Management service is compatible with every operational system and browsers and it can operate on iOS and Android devices.

How do you activate the service
How to get it