e-Fuel Management
e-Fuel Management
Γενική περιγραφή
  • Track the daily consumption of each vehicle and monitor fuel levels in real time.
  • Receive email notifications of speed-limit violations and movement outside predetermined boundaries (geofencing). 
  • Add sensors to detect door openings, monitor cargo temperature, etc.
  • Enter or set points of interest and know where all of your company’s vehicles are at any given time.
  • Draw data from CAN-bus on a completely secure connection.
  • You also have control in EU countries at no added charge.
  • The e-Fuel Management software platform is compatible with all operating systems (iOS and Android) and 450 vehicle models.
  1. Reduce fuel consumption, as you can detect and deter any theft, tracking fuel-consumption levels at any given time and carrying out precise evaluation of invoices.
  2. Increase the productivity of your corporate fleet, as you have better supervision, coordination and management of stops and routes.
  3. Reduce your company’s operating costs and improve the quality of your customer service.
Activating the service
The service is provided via the economical e-Fuel Management program*, for a monthly fee of €18.50**, equipment financing and a 24-month commitment.

The equipment is compatible with a total of 450 vehicle models, with ongoing updates on compatible new models. The equipment is installed in your vehicles by our partner, in all types of trucks and passenger vehicles (even older vehicles with floater-type fuel gauges), and the equipment can also be installed in water craft.

*The plan’s MB can be used in EU countries as well as in Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway.

**24% VAT included No additional Mobile Telephony Subscriber Fee For more information about charges for the service, click here.

The service is provided by COSMOTE S.A.
How to get it

Contacting your Account Manager or COSMOTE Corporate Customer Service at 13818

Filling in the contact form!