Discount Packages

Discount Packages

If your company needs to communicate abroad, COSMOTEBusiness Telephony Discount packages are available for 6.12.18 countries being the perfect choice! These are discount packages that meet the needs of small and medium enterprises for regular communication with international destinations.

These packages ensure economy, flexibility and practicality, and can be combined with any other national  telephony service usedby your company, including the program COSMOTEBusiness Double Play.

Two separate packages are offered in order to choose the one that best meets your business needs.

Τhe service is provided by OTE S.A.

COSMOTE Business Telephony Discount for 6/12/18 countries

COSMOTE Business Telephony Discount for 6/12/18 cover fixed calls to the Zones of the European Union countries as well Zone I and II. More specifically, you can select 6, 12 or 18 international fixed destinations from the country zones and benefit of a discount to your total bill up to 26%, depending on your total monthly charges.

For the table of countries covered by the discount plan about calls to fixed networks for Zones EE, I & II as well as for the countries excluded from the above areas, please click here. (Available only in Greek)


Total Monthly Bill of the International Traffic
to selected countries *
12 Countries 18 Countries
[0€ - 50€) 0% 0% 0%
[50€ - 200€) 31% 27% 23%
[200€ - 400€) 32% 28% 24%
[400€ - 1.000€) 33% 29% 25%
[1.000€ +) 34% 30% 26%

* Excluding VAT

The geographical Zones and charging are identical to those of the basic OTE pricelist. There is no distinction between peak hours.The program is available with a restriction per VAT of the customer. Not available to more than one (1) program of the same or different type under a VAT number. The initiation registration fee is 24,80 € including 24% VAT, per single monthly bill of a VAT number. COSMOTE Business Telephony Discount Services are subject to the Fixed Telephony Subscribers Tax, which is calculated at 5% of the total bill. The Fixed Telephony Subscribers Tax does not apply to once-off fees.

COSMOTE Business Telephony Total Discount International
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