Municipality of Chania
Municipality of Chania Smart Parking for people with special needs
Municipality of Chania
Smart Parking for people with special needs
The need

To achieve the optimum and most effective use of designated parking spaces by people with special needs, an innovative, pilot system of parking space management was established, which deployed the Narrow Band IoT (NB) network, for the first time in Greece.

The solutions
Ground sensors

Use of ground sensors of Narrow Band IoT technology, which support wireless connectivity with Bluetooth cards (BLE Beacon cards) owned by certified users.

ParkALot application (Chania)

Notification of people with disabilities, the municipality of Chania and the traffic police of Chania about the availability of parking spaces for people with special needs, as well as for any illegal occupation of those, in real time.

The benefits
Assurance of parking spaces

Exclusive provision of parking spaces to be used by people with special needs.

Limitation of violations

The identification of authorized vehicles limits the violation of the particular parking spaces.

Equal access

The creation of infrastructure for the assistance of people with special needs in the municipality of Chania promotes their incorporation and equal treatment, allowing for direct access to all the services provided in the city, including those offering opportunities for socialization.

“It is our responsibility to ensure equal accessibility for all citizens, further facilitating our co-residents who are facing additional difficulties due to disability. Through this particular partnership with COSMOTE, we achieved something very important and innovative regarding parking for people with disabilities and their families in their daily transportation through the city. Our goal is to expand this program with even more parking spaces within and beyond the urban fabric, for which citizens can be informed in real time, and control services will immediately detect any violations.”

Panagiotis Simandirakis, Mayor of Chania