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on the Internet with services that will empower your digital presence.
Do you want your business to have a unique presence on the Internet? Are you wondering how you can have both a Facebook page and a website?
COSMOTE offers the right solutions in order to help you build a proper digital presence and grow your business easily and instantly!
COSMOTE Digital Marketing4U
Select the trustworthy partner who will directly and effectively help you in promoting your business digitally! COSMOTE Digital Marketing4U addresses to every business that wants to run digital campaigns to Facebook, Google and Instagram so as to get fast and immediate results.

The well-organized and staffed team of COSMOTE undertakes to design and successfully implement your online campaigns, serving the short-term goals you have set.
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Additional Digital Presence services
for your business!
See all the methods of digital advertising for your business. Moreover, you can select additional, modern services for your digital presence that will suit your particular needs.
COSMOTE Click & Site
If you have a business page on Facebook, now, with only one click, you can also build your own website. Your site will be constantly updated, when you update your Facebook page, that is automatically.
Find a complete solution for the presence of your business on the internet as well as tools to promote it, in an easy and instant manner free of charge for the first 6 months!
Get your business online! Now you can create a website for your business! We understate the construction of your website easily and reliably.
COSMOTE Web Hosting
Host your website in our state-of-the-art Data Centers and ensure the safe and non-stop operation of your site!
Domain Names
Your business can now have its own name on the internet, in an affordable and safe manner!
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