Digital Marketing4U

Advertise your business on Google & Social Media!

Give your business a new boost effectively and fast. Now, with COSMOTE Digital Marketing4U, site promotion on Google and Social Media (Facebook & Instagram) is easier than ever, since a dedicated team by COSMOTE is there for you and your business, engaged in promoting your site or your social media accounts.

Experienced Campaign Managers
We have experienced Campaign Managers for correct estimate and evaluation of your business in order to adapt your campaign to your goals.
Quick and Clear results
We know your needs and we guarantee immediate results in your very first campaign.
Clear Pricing Policy
COSMOTE Digital Marketing4U comes WITHOUT hidden charges, WITHOUT time-based charging, WITHOUT time limit for obligatory commitment, WITHOUT recurring monthly fees!
Choose your COSMOTE Digital Marketing4U pack by calling 210 6333890 or by clicking here.
Services Price Description
CΟSMOTE Digital Marketing4U
Starter Pack
199 € once-off Create or Optimize business accounts on Social Media and Google, online marketing basic design strategy and a Google or Facebook/Instagram campaign (max cost 500€)
CΟSMOTE Digital Marketing4U
Web Campaign 
30% on the Advertising Expenses Design, Implementation, Configuration and Google advertising Monitoring with minimum fee 50€
CΟSMOTE Digital Marketing4U
Social Media Campaign 
30% on the Advertising Expenses Design, Implementation, Configuration and Facebook or Instagram campaign Monitoring with minimum fee 50€
Additional Services COSMOTE Digital Marketing4U 45€/hour Additional services that are not incuded in the above mentioned service packs which are executed upon request by per hour charge 


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