Athens International Airport
Athens International Airport 5G Campus Network
5G Campus Network
Athens International Airport
The need
The transmission of high-resolution video in real time, with zero delays and secure impartation to the operation center of the airport (ASOC) from areas of special operational interest and or limited access.
The solutions
The first 5G Campus Network
The creation of the first 5G campus network in Greece by COSMOTE at the Athens International Airport, as a pilot use case for incident management and indoor or outdoor area physical security.
Zero Delay Visual Transfer
Through the installation of specialized equipment on a “follow me” type vehicle, high-resolution video was transmitted in real time with zero delay and secure impartation, thanks to the 5G infrastructure.
Safety and Stability
The private mobile networks are superior in safety and stability, allowing the use of a specific spectrum, performing with excellent quality and reliability without interference.
Innovative Connectivity Technological Solution
The 5G campus network with zero delay and very high capacity and data transmission speed, wiλλ accelerate the development of next generation air transport and airport services, as well as key sectors of the economy.
Seamless Operation and Organization of Airport Infrastructure

The use of the 5G campus network, can facilitate air transport, but can also drastically contribute to the experience and services provided to passengers, visitors and businesses operating in the airport community.

“The execution of our strategy focuses on the “digital airport” and we are already implementing actions in that direction. Undoubtedly, the utilisation of 5G technology capabilities in combination with the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), virtual and augmented reality applications (VR and AR), are the basic requirements for the development of applications that will allow for such a transition. Athens International Airport has always been a pioneer in adopting and implementing innovative technologies and digital solutions, and, despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, supporting the airport’s functionality in all its activities, along with continuously improving our passengers’ travel experience, never stopped being our top priority.”

Alexandros Ziomas Director, Information Technology & Telecommunications Business Unit of AIA
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