Dedicated Internet Access

COSMOTE Dedicated Internet Access

COSMOTE Dedicated Internet Access service (DIA) will connect your business to the internet at high speeds offering high reliability, combinational circuits and stable Internet connection with guaranteed symmetrical speeds. 
COSMOTE DIA offers and can support a wide range of speeds, sufficient enough to cover all possible needs/ demands. Starting at 10Mbps and reaching up to 1000Mbps (1Gbps) COSMOTE Dedicated Internet Access takes advantage of every available technology (fiber, wireless access or copper).
Each interconnection case is reviewed severally by the OTE group team of experts in collaboration with the customer, in order to choose the most suitable, at each time, technology which will meet the business requirements and offer an impeccable service to each customer.
The selection is formed based on several factors, which include the customer’s specific speed and service type request with the available features , its location as well as the OTE network architecture ( especially for those requests which require special treatment such as provision of backup circuits and additional protection).
The interface capacity is exclusive to the customer, namely it cannot be shared with another customer (contention ratio 1:1) and is symmetrical, which means that it can offer the same capacity for download and upload concurrently.
Even in periods of high traffic (peak hours) a continuous and seamless interface is ensured as long as the provided access is guaranteed.
The COSMOTE Dedicated Internet Access service is accompanied by additional services that allow complete coverage of all kind of needs. 

These services are:  

  • Real Time Monitoring and provision of Advanced Statistics provided via a web portal 
  • Ability to manage and support the terminal equipment of the business. 
  • Provision of Static IP address and  Local Internet Registry (LIR) Services 
  • Management of Domain Name and DNS entries (Primary & Secondary DNS) 
  • Maintenance and customization Services for Multihome and BGP Routing 
  • Back Up Services via a separate circuit (such as telephone line with 2 Voice channels, ADSL, HellasCom) or Diverse access (2 circuits can exist simultaneously via different routes) 
  • Services of guaranteed service level (service level agreement –SLA) for the availability of service, quality indicators and time of fault clearance
It is worth noting that COSMOTE DIA service can also cover individual customer requests, such as those concerning seasonal operation of hotels, via COSMOTE DIA for Hotels, which is specifically designed for the tourism industry. 
Moreover, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) solutions are offered in order to protect connections and ensure a continuous and safe Internet access.

Τhe service is provided by OTE S.A.


One of the main features of DIA is flexibility, which mainly concerns the provided speed. Each customer can modify, when necessary, the connection speed (upgrade/downgrade) for a specific period of time (Bandwidth On Demand Service)
DIA can also offer, when necessary, the possibility of an automated fluctuation/variance of the initial speed chosen by the customer without any additional configuration. The charge of this service is calculated on a monthly basis using the method of 95th percentile.
The access link between the customer's premises and OTE PoP is implemented over dedicated lines (e.g. Ethernet, Leased Lines) which are owned and managed by OTE thus ensuring maximum performance and superior availability.

ΟΤΕ Dedicated Internet Access offers the following advantages:

  • Is adjusted to the specific needs of each customer and adapted to its critical business activities thus contributing to the increase of its productivity.
  • It’s a comprehensive solution which is implemented and fully provided by OTE Group (installation, configuration, testing, and support).
  • It can be combined with other OTE Group services such as mobile & fixed telephony, data & interconnection services. This gives each customer the possibility to benefit from the reduction of complexity.
  • It offers full support by a high qualified dedicated team which combines expertise and customer centric approach offering a fault-free and high available service
  • Provision of guaranteed quality SLA contracts in predefined levels with clauses in case of threshold compliance violation

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