Mobile Data & Fax

COSMOTE Mobile Data & Fax

Send and receive data and fax messages no matter where you are, with COSMOTE Mobile Data & Fax service!

COSMOTE Mobile Data & Fax service offers you:

  • the possibility of sending and receiving data and fax messages in Greece, and abroad (through the Roaming Service).
  • a monthly fee of only 7.25€ (24% VAT is included)
  • reliable data transmission at speeds of up to 43.2 Kbps, using the HSCSD technology, which is available with COSMOTE mobile network
  • secure data transmission through the encryption used in the COSMOTE GSM network
  • Internet access from your mobile phone, at any time, no matter where you are, via your own Internet Service Provider.
For more information on how to activate the COSMOTE Mobile Data & Fax Service: contact any COSMOTE network dealer, or COSMOTE Corporate Customer Service at 13818, free of charge from your company mobile phone.

The service is provided by COSMOTE S.A.

Prices include VAT 24%. Mobile Telephony Subscribers Fee  is applied (12%, 15%, 18% ή 20%), according to the amount of the monthly bill (before VAT) per mobile connection. For more information click here