COSMOTE Smart Office

COSMOTE Smart Office

Whether you are a freelancer or you have a small or medium sized business, now, by using the new service COSMOTE Smart Office, you can contact your customers and partners in the most professional way. It is a value added service to the basic telephony you already have in your business and its basic characteristics are those of a PBX call center.

COSMOTE Smart Office is an innovative service which offers features that can be management through a control panel via Internet. These features are, Call Diversion, Voicemail-to-Email, Call Queues, Line Hunting, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Virtual Fax. Also, the service gives you the ability to create weekly schedules, which can easily specify rules for the management of your incoming calls based on time and day.

Last, the service is a user-friendly and innovative "Virtual" Call Centre because it offers:
  1. Easy connectivity over the existing telephone line you already have in your business.
  2. No need of additional hardware beyond the conventional telephones you already have.
  3. Easy & remote management from anywhere via the Online Control Panel available on My COSMOTE.

The service is provided by OTE A.E.

Features & Packages

The new service COSMOTE Smart Office provides you with the following options: 

  1. Programmable incoming calls diversion based on time and day
  2. Fax-to-Email, Mail-to-Fax, Web-to-Fax
  3. Voicemail-to-Email, with custom Voicemail greeting message
  4. Call Queuing (up to 5 calls in queue), with custom waiting message
  5. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for routing the incoming calls
  6. Recorded and pre-installed announcements in accordance to the needs of your business
  7. Line Hunting
 COSMOTE Smart Office Packages
Services Smart Office
Value Pack
Smart Office
Full Pack
Smart Office
  Free* Free* €5,04/month
Call Divert  
Recorded Announcements  
Call Queuing (up to 5 calls per queue)  
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)    
Line Hunting    
Mail-to-Fax και Web-to-Fax    

* COSMOTE Smart Office Value Pack can only be purchased in combination with COSMOTE Business Double Play Basic and Basic Plus (2019)
* COSMOTE Smart Office Full Pack can only be purchased in conjunction with COSMOTE Business Double Play Full Pack (2019)

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