COSMOTE Digital Office
COSMOTE Digital Office
Features & Advantages

With the new plans, you enjoy:
  • Internet with speeds up to 200 Mbps through the largest optic fiber network in Greece
  • Unlimited intra-company calls to all business landlines included in the service COSMOTE Digital Office and to business mobile numbers
  • Integrated PBX services per employee  
  • Τalk time to fixed phone lines and mobile numbers in order to meet the real communication needs of every employee
  • Low charges for international calls per employee
  • Option for 3G/4G Backup provision for uninterrupted telephony and internet operation
  • Static IP
  • 100GB email with up to 15 accounts/users
  • Domain Name
  • Web Hosting
  • Use of PC Client to make calls from your laptop regardless of where you are in Greece
  • Services that facilitate communication within your team (e.g. chat)
  • Web Collaboration Tools so as to save time and money since you meet over web (such as desktop sharing, conference with up to 25 participants etc.)
  • The option not to miss a call since you can select your Fixed phone line to also ring to your mobile and you can make calls from your mobile and have your office fixed phone line number displayed
  • You can control the available balance of minutes left, to Fixed and Mobile phones, for each one of your employees
  • Convenience because with COSMOTE Digital Office PC Client the employee can make calls via web from his/her PC or laptop regardless of his/her location in Greece.
  • Expense Reduction since the business does not need to acquire or maintain a PBX.
  • Flexibility since each employee can have his/her own landline and fixed telephony programs as well as the PBX services that suits his/her needs best.
  • Specialized technical support with initial installation, configuration, training and support services, at special prices.
PBX Services
The advanced PBX services provided per employee, will give him/her the chance to work in a "smart" manner, easily and quickly, wherever he/she is.

See below some indicative basic & advanced services that you can enjoy with COSMOTE Digital Office programs:

Basic PBX services:
  • Call Forwarding ensures that when your number is busy or you are away (or in any other mode you select) your call is routed to another phone (landline/mobile) or to your voicemail.
  • Automatic Callback, in order to automatically call back a busy number the moment it becomes available.
  • Call Transfer, in order to transfer a call to another phone.
  • Three Way Call, in order to plan telephone meetings with up to three participants.
  • Outgoing Call Barring, in order to select the rejection of certain outgoing calls based on criteria such as location e.g. within or outside Greece or telephone line type e.g. mobile numbers etc.
  • Call to a Short Code, in order to be able to contact each business employee at his/her extension number
  • Display of one Number for all outgoing calls of your company.
  • Services that enable communication in your team, with the option for chatting and notification on whether you are online, out of the office or notification in the form of a text message, and many more PBX services.

Advanced PBX services (additional to the basic ones)
  • Conference Call in order to conduct telephone meetings with your partners (up to 25 participants) and save time.
  • Voicemail-to-Email in order to receive your voicemail messages on your email, regardless of where you are,
  • Web Collaboration tools for cooperation via web that offer the option to share your desktop with your coworkers, comment on the material uploaded to a joined work place, have live feedback from the participants in a meeting and many more features that will make your cooperation better and more efficient than ever.
Call Center Services
Apart from the above services, you can also enjoy the benefits of the following Additional PBX Services:

COSMOTE Digital Office PC Client

A practical communication tool that, via installation of proper software in your computer, can help you take your office everywhere with you!

More specifically, it provides the following options:
  • Make calls from your computer, as if you were at your office, from anywhere in Greece
  • Integrate contacts
  • Manage PBX services easily and promptly depending on your availability e.g. call diversions destinations depending on time and day
  • Chat with your coworkers
  • Conduct conferences with coworkers who are located in different divisions of your business so as not to waste valuable time.
Office on the move
You never miss a call since you can choose to receive a landline call to your mobile phone as well. Additionally, you can call your customers and partners from your mobile phone, wherever you are, having your office fixed phone number displayed (combination with COSMOTE Business mobile plans).
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
You can create the messages you want your customers and partners to listen to when they are calling the business and route the calls to the proper divisions or coworkers in order ensure that everyone will contact the appropriate person from the beginning.
Line Hunting
With Line Hunting you never miss a call because every incoming call is answered by the first employee who is available at that time. 
Virtual Fax
You can receive your business faxes on your email and at the same time you can send a fax from your email and manage all this activity from your PC.
Instant Group Call
Perform a conference call with a group of your partners. By calling just one number, all the other group members can be automatically notified of the start of the conference call.
Enjoy the services of a receptionist via web. You can automatically transfer a call to several colleagues or departments of your business, you can give clients or associates different choices so as to speak with the right person etc. You can configure all by yourself all these settings for that operation.
Packages & Prices

You can select one Internet package for every point of presence of your business, e.g. a branch.

I. Main Ιnternet features (per point of presence)
COSMOTE Digital Office services provide: COSMOTE Digital Office ADSL 24 COSMOTE Digital Office 50 COSMOTE Digital Office Fiberspeed 100 COSMOTE Digital Office Fiberspeed 200
Price per Month 48,30€ 58,80€ 69,00€ 84,00€
Speed (download/ upload) 24Mbps / 1Mbps 50Mbps / 5Mbps 100Mbps / 10Mbps 200Mbps / 20Mbps
IP Address 1 Static 1 Static 1 Static 1 Static
Registration, routing and DNS of IP address check_business check_business check_business check_business
COSMOTE Business Email (100GB/15 email accounts) ( (1) check_business check_business check_business check_business
Domain Name services (DNS) Hosting (2) check_business check_business check_business check_business
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited ΑUnlimited
COSMOTE Web Ηosting M with 6GB hosting space check_business check_business check_business check_business
Domain Name registration YES YES YES YES
"OnWeb" web site builder tool(3) YES YES YES YES
Wi-Fi router check_business check_business check_business check_business

(1) You have COSMOTE Business Email with registration in When this email is enabled it provides up to (15) fifteen email accounts of the form with 100GB storage space. If there is no valid domain name, on behalf of the client, emails of the form are provided. COSMOTE Business Email service is free only one per customer / VAT.
(2) In regards to packages with 1 Static IP, OTE does not allow DNS, Web & Mail Server operation onsite, but offers total DNS service, and DNS service for Web & Email Hosting to any Web & Mail Hosting Provider. By selecting 16 additional, static IPs, DNS is provided integrated and a Web & Mail Hosting Server can be supported at the customer's site, should the customer request it.
(3) A wide variety of prefabricated templates is offered in order to build the business website.


  • 24 month commitment period is required (in case of withdrawal before the expiration of the 24 month period, an early termination fee of 110 € including VAT 24% is applied for 24, 30, 50 Mbps Internet Speed and 170 € including VAT 24% for 100 and 200 Mbps Internet Speed).
  • The above prices are per month and they include 24% VAT and the standard telephone line fee.
  • Prices include VAT 24% and the Fixed Telephony Subscribers Tax which is calculated at 5%.
  • The Wi-Fi modem – router equipment:
    • Is supported for malfunctions (non - liability of the customer) throughout the validity of the respective service, without additional charge.
    • If COSMOTE Digital Office is terminated, the modem – router must be returned to OTE within ten (10) working days. Otherwise, charges according to the current pricelist in force shall apply.

Moreover, you can select a program with Fixed telephony & PBX Services for each one of your business employees.

ΙΙ. Fixed Telephony & PBX Services Programs for Business Employees
The services provides: COSMOTE Digital Office Εconomy COSMOTE Digital Office Βasic COSMOTE Digital Office Advanced
Price per month 5,25€ 8,40€ 10,50€
Unlimited Intra-company calls check_business check_business check_business
To fixed phone lines 300' 600' 1.500'
To all Mobiles 60' 150' 300'
International Low charge to fixed destinations in European Countries & EU Outermost Regions and special charges for other international destinations (Albania, Zones I, II, III and IV).
PBX Services Standard Advanced Advanced
Digital Office PC Client check_business check_business check_business
Services for Team Communication check_business check_business check_business
Services for web collaboration - check_business check_business

  • Purchase of IP phone sets is optional for every employee (working position) and the option to pay them via installments that will be integrated in your business Bill is provided.
  • If your business has Alarm, POS, fax devices you must purchase one of the above programs to ensure their operation (purchase of an IP phone is not required for these devices).
  • Prices include VAT 24% and the Fixed Telephony Subscribers Tax which is calculated at 5%.
  • Moreover, you also have the option to select the additional PBX services you may need.

ΙΙΙ. Additional PBX Services Price per Month
Interactive Voice Response (ΙVR) 5,00€
Line Hunting 2,00€
Instant Group Call 1,00€
Receptionist 5,00€
Busy Lump field 2,00€
Virtual Fax 5,04€


Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Line Hunting and Instant Group Call are available at business level whereas Receptionist, Busy Lump field and Virtual fax are available to individual employees.

The above prices include 24% VAT and are not subject to the Fixed Telephony Subscribers Tax.

How to get it

Contacting your Account Manager or COSMOTE Corporate Customer Service at 13818

Filling in the contact form!