COSMOTE Digital Office

COSMOTE Digital Office

With the new service COSMOTE Digital Office you can now provide fixed telephony to every employee of your business, Internet to every point of presence of your business (e.g. branch, warehouse) and have advanced call center services.

With COSMOTE Digital Office you can select a telephony programs for each one of your employees individually as well as the call center services you want them to use. A significant advantage of the service is that purchase and maintenance of a call center is not required since our service fully replaces the functionalities of a call center in a flexible manner.

Moreover, you can manage call center services easily and quickly via COSMOTE Digital Office portal either as the Administrator or as a User.

It is also important to note that we are always there for you for any need that may arise with a team of experts and with specialized support services such as the remote configuration of Digital Office, at special prices.

The service is provided by OTE S.A.

Features & Advantages


With the new plans, you enjoy:

  • Internet with speeds up to 200 Mbps through the largest optic fiber network in Greece
  • Unlimited intra-company calls to all business landlines included in the service COSMOTE Digital Office and to business mobile numbers.
  • Integrated call center services per employee  
  • Τalk time to fixed phone lines and mobile numbers in order to meet the real communication needs of every employee
  • Low charges for international calls per employee
  • Option for 3G/4G Backup provision for uninterrupted telephony and internet operation
  • Static IP
  • 80GB email with up to 50 accounts/users
  • Domain Name
  • Web Hosting
  • Use of PC Client to make calls from your laptop regardless of where you are in Greece
  • Services that facilitate communication within your team (e.g. chat)
  • Web Collaboration Tools so as to save time and money since you meet over web (such as desktop sharing, conference with up to 25 participants etc.)
  • The option not to miss a call since you can select your Fixed phone line to also ring to your mobile and you can make calls from your mobile and have your office fixed phone line number displayed. 
  • The option to install, configure Digital Office and be trained by a group of experts, depending on your business needs.
  • You can control the available balance of minutes left, to Fixed and Mobile phones, for each one of your employees.
  • Convenience: With COSMOTE Digital Office PC Client the employee can make calls via web from his/her PC or laptop regardless of his/her location in Greece. Moreover, via COSMOTE Digital Office Portal you can centrally manage all call center services and each employee can manage and configure the call center functions available to him/her easily and quickly.
  • Expense Reduction: The business drastically reduces its telecommunications cost since it has all the advantages of an advanced call center in all points of presence, without having to acquire or maintain a call center.
  • Flexibility: Each employee can have his/her own landline and fixed telephony programs (with talk time to fixed phone lines and mobile numbers, unlimited calls to intra-company mobile numbers & Internet) as well as the call center services that suits his/her needs best.
  • Specialized technical support: A certified team of technicians can undertake the initial installation of the program to your business as well as any further configuration, training and support services for your network, at special prices.

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