GIGA MAX packages

With the new GIGA MAX packages, you can easily activate the packages you want once and you don’t have to worry since it will be automatically renewed every month!

At the same time, you have the flexibility to change or cancel the GIGA MAX packages you have selected whenever you want!

Try a GIGA MAX package now and get twice as much GB forever!

Packs for COSMOTE Business Mobile
Packages GB Price Activate Via SMS to 1256 by the word: Activate Via SMS to 1256 by the word:
GIGA MAX Package 5GB 5GB
10 GB
9,90€ per month 5GB 5GBEND
GIGA MAX Package  10GB 10GB
20 GB
14,90€ per month 10GB 10GBEND
GIGA MAX Package  20GB 20GB
40 GB
19,90€ per month 20GB 20GBEND
GIGA MAX  Package 40GB 40GB
80 GB
34,90€ per month
The offer is valid from 28/11/19 up to 15/01/20  for all COSMOTE Business Mobile programs.

Other ways for activation:
  1. From MY COSMOTE app, available on Android and iOS
  2. From COSMOTE My Internet on the page
  3. From My COSMOTE
Packs for COSMOTE Business Cost Control
Packages GB SMS to COSMOTE SMS to all Price
GIGA MAX 3GB Package 3GB
10 GB
1500 50 9,90€ per month
GIGA MAX 1,5GB Package 1,5 GB 1500 50 6,90€ per month

Prices include VAT 24%. Mobile Telephony Subscribers Fee is applied (12%, 15%, 18% ή 20%), according to the amount of the monthly bill (before VAT) per mobile connection. For more information click  here.
For more information regarding Mobile Internet Packs click here.