COSMOTE One Phone - 801

COSMOTE One Phone - 801

Simplify communication with your business customers and upgrade your services via memorable numbers of the form "801 801 XXXX" or "801 11 XXXXX".
The customers call your business number COSMOTE One Phone -801 with local charges.

The number COSMOTE One Phone - 801 consists of the characteristic prefix:

                                                              801 801 + one 4 digitnumber  or 
                                                              801  11  +  one5 digit number

Note that for the convenience of your business clients, the 4-digit or 5-digit number can be translated in words eg the number 8294 can be translated into a taxi.
Calls are forwarded according to the needs of the business, e.g depending on the region of origin of the call, date and time, workload, or the efficiency of staff.
That way, your business acquires a single phone number for all customers regardless of where in Greece they are located.

Τhe service is provided by OTE S.A.

Who needs it

OTE One Phone – 801 service is aimed at companies that want to motivate the customer to call them and also want to provide them with better service. Specifically, it is addressed, but not limited,to companies that want:

  • Centralized tele-sales
  • Ability to serve part or all the requests of their customers by telephone
  • Broader coverage
Today, OTE's One Phone service is used by:

Banks, Real Estate Agents, Taxi companies, Insurance companies, Hotels, Cinemas, Airlines, Travel Agencies, Telemarketing companies, Slimming and beauty institutes, Shipping & Transportation companies etc.

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How to get it