Internet Backup

COSMOTE Internet Backup

The new COSMOTE Internet Backup service provides a backup connection to the Internet through 4G mobile network, in case of disconnection or interruption of the ADSL/VDSL fixed connection. 

COSMOTE Internet Backup service is a great tool for business subscribers that need daily Internet access without interruptions, such as doctors who write prescriptions, businesses that use Cloud services, managing / handling files on line, use electronic invoicing or even for simple but important services like e-mail. The service reduces any risk of Internet disconnections, at a low cost, and provides necessary internet and web access.

In case of Internet connection interruption on the fixed network due to any failure, traffic is automatically routed through the mobile network. Once the failure is restored, traffic is automatically rerouted back to the fixed network.

Each time the traffic is routed through the Internet Backup network, SMS notifications are sent to the customer’s contact mobile phone.

In order to activate COSMOTE Internet Backup service, the customer is provided with compatible equipment.

Two options, either a compatible router with embedded 3G/4G capabilities, or compatible router with USB and a compatible 4G USB Stick.

For compatible routers with embedded 3G/4G there is no need for a USB Stick.

For compatible routers with USB, the COSMOTE USB STICK HUAWEI 3372h 4G  is provided for free cases a 24-month commitment is required.

For compatible routers with embedded 3G/4G capabilities only a SIM card is required for automatic activation.

For compatible routers with USB, the 4G USB Stick with the SIM card inserted, is connected to the USB port of the ADSL/VDSL customer router and the service is automatically activated. On supported routers* (like Speedport Plus and Oxygen HDV24201) the user does not need to make any configuration on the equipment.
Access through mobile network is only possible from a restricted geographical area, specified by the client at the time of activation.

The service is available at a low monthly fee of 5.00€ and includes 4G data that covers standard backup disconnections and connectivity needs. Specifically the service offers:

  • 300 MB initial data traffic per month for short random disconnections
  • 4 x 2GB day passes, offering 4 days of backup service (3 months roll over)
* In case of unsupported routers, the customer is responsible to ensure equipment compatibility and configuration. Find out more  or by clicking here (only available in Greek). 

Prices Include VAT 24%. Are are not subject to the Mobile Telephony Subscribers Fee

The service is provided by COSMOTE S.A.