Internet Backup

COSMOTE Internet Backup

Now, the Internet at your business, never stops!

To keep your business always online, COSMOTE offers you the COSMOTE Internet Backup service.

Your internet connection will never run out, neither in cases of Internet connection interruption nor in failure on the fixed network ADSL/VDSL. In that sense the service offers you:

  • Backup Internet access, with automatic route via 3G/4G COSMOTE mobile network.
  • Automatic reroute to the fixed network, once the failure is restored.
Advantages of using the Internet Backup service for your business:
  • Low risk of Internet disconnection 
  • Business continuity, since all services of your business keep running smoothly (i.e. Internet access, telephony, static IP, email, e-shop, cloud applications etc.).
  • Installation without the need of an expert  
  • Charges at the lowest possible cost

How does the service work?

In order COSMOTE Internet Backup service to operate, it is necessary to use the compatible SIM card and the USB Stick. After connecting them to the USB port of the customer router you are provided with, the service is automatically activated.

You can get the COSMOTE Internet Backup Service for only 9, 90 €/ month, and if you combine it with COSMOTE Business Double Play or Digital Office, you will get it at the premium price of 5€/ month. See here the activation instructions.
The service is provided by COSMOTE A.E


In case that Internet connection of my business stops, how can I activate the service?

If the internet connection of your business stops, the service is activated automatically without any action need to be taken by you.

I have a static IP address of Internet Connection. Will it be maintained while the internet Backup service is running?
Once the fixed broadband is disconnected, how long will it take until my connection is restored via the mobile network?
Should I always have the USB stick plugged into the router of the landline?
Can I use the service on any fixed line?