Internet Backup
Internet Backup
Γενική περιγραφή

In case that Internet connection of my business stops, how can I activate the service?
If the internet connection of your business stops, the service is activated automatically without any action need to be taken by you.
I have a static IP address of Internet Connection. Will it be maintained while the internet Backup service is running?
Yes, the static IP address that your business has is maintained when the Internet Backup connection is working.
Once the fixed broadband is disconnected, how long will it take until my connection is restored via the mobile network?
It depends on the model of the fixed router that your business has. In any case, though, it will not take more than two (2) minutes.
Should I always have the USB stick plugged into the router of the landline?
Yes, your USB Stick should always be plugged into the corresponding port on your router. Thus, the service is automatically activated, and your Internet access is never interrupted.
Can I use the service on any fixed line?
No, you can only use the COSMOTE Internet Backup Service on the fixed connection you provided when you requested the activation of the service.
How to get it

Contacting your Account Manager or COSMOTE Corporate Customer Service at 13818

Filling in the contact form!