COSMOTE Fleet Tracker

COSMOTE Fleet Tracker

Do you want to have complete control over your business vehicles? Now you can, with the new service COSMOTE Fleet Tracker!

COSMOTE, in partnership with Fleet Complete, one of the global leaders in fleet management, asset and employee on-the-go solutions as well as in connected vehicle technology, offers the new service COSMOTE Fleet Tracker. If your business owns corporate vehicles of any type and you want to know their exact location and status at any time, then, COSMOTE Fleet Tracker is just what you need. 
You have the option for a more effective management of your business fleet, by monitoring vehicles in real time easily and simply and you can save time and money, while enhancing safety for both drivers and vehicles.  

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Special telematics devices are installed in your business vehicles, completely free of charge and without additional charges. The service COSMOTE Fleet Tracker,  offers a web portal and a mobile app in which, depending on the tariff plan you have selected, you receive notifications regarding the location of your vehicles, the route followed, the traffic, the estimated time, the driving behavior, the fuel consumption as well as the status of your vehicles. Moreover, you can identify and timely schedule the maintenance needs of your vehicles as well as be instantly alerted in the event of accidents or emergencies

Finally, based on the data the platform collects, it produces detailed reports and sends relevant updates. This way, you are always up to date about all matters related to your business fleet from wherever you are! 


The new service gives you the option to chose the solution that fully covers the needs of your business.  


COSMOTE Fleet Tracker Basic

Does your business own passenger cars or vans? Then, this is the solution for you! Because you can easily track your vehicles in real time and keep a record of their routes.
All you need to do is install the device on the existing OBD2 interface of the vehicle.

COSMOTE Fleet Tracker Standard
COSMOTE Fleet Tracker Advanced
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