COSMOTE Business Mobile Tourism

COSMOTE Business Mobile Tourism

Are you a professional in the Tourism sector? Are you in charge of a hotel, a tourist operator or a car rental business? COSMOTE is now offering you a custom-made solution especially designed to meet your needs.

Now, with the new service COSMOTE Business Mobile Tourism, the right tool to decrease the operational costs of your business is at your disposal. There is no need to undertake the costs for the monthly fees of your employee’s mobile connections while your business is closed for the season.

Provided you own any of the commercially available COSMOTE Business Mobile tariff plans, you can activate the COSMOTE Business Mobile Tourism service free of charge when you start or renew your contract.

With COSMOTE Business Mobile Tourism:

  • You have the possibility to choose programs of 12 months engagement period and pay the monthly fees only for the 4 or 8 active months
  • You pay zero amount on monthly fees during the rest of the “inactive” months and incoming/outgoing calls and data are automatically blocked
  • You have the option to extend the “active” period if required
  • You can keep the same numbers and use them  in the next season
This way, you can enjoy the plans you chose according to your needs but get charged only for the months you really need them. Control your costs and save money for your business.

How to get it

Please contact your Account Manager or the COSMOTE Corporate Customer Service at 13818 or by clicking here.