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COSMOTE IoT Data Sharing

New plans COSMOTE IoT Data Sharing help you develop your business in the digital age. Stay connected with your technical devices and systems and monitor present conditions in real time.

Take advantage of the new functionality of data sharing between plans of the same group and achieve greater cost-effectiveness.

The new plans COSMOTE IoT Data Sharing also allow you to:

  • All connections, data volumes and data consumptions can be checked on a web-based interface.
  • Get notification sms to a selected mobile number when 80%, 100% of data consumption is reached.
  • Select, whether your sim cards will continue operating when they have reached their total data allowance or not.
Automate your business procedures and at the same time reduce unnecessary maintenance and operational expenses by identifying critical situations thanks to alerts and notifications. 

The service is provided by COSMOTE S.A.​

Plans & Prices

COSMOTE IoT Data Sharing
Plan Monthly Fee Free Monthly Volume Above Bundle Charges
Group 1  COSMOTE IoT Data Sharing 25MB 4.00 € 25MB 0.13 €/MB
COSMOTE IoT Data Sharing 50MB 5.00 € 50MB
COSMOTE IoT Data Sharing 100MB 6.00 € 100MB
Group 2  COSMOTE IoT Data Sharing 700MB 10.00 € 700MB 0.0309 €/MB
COSMOTE IoT Data Sharing 3GB 20.00 € 3GB
COSMOTE IoT Data Sharing 20GB 45.00 € 20GB

The fees and charges beyond the free volume of the plans COSMOTE ΙοT Data Sharing 25MB, COSMOTE ΙοT Data Sharing 50MB, COSMOTE ΙοT Data Sharing 100MB, COSMOTE ΙοT Data Sharing 700MB, COSMOTE ΙοT Data Sharing 3GB, COSMOTE ΙοT Data Sharing 20GB, include 24% VAT and no Mobile Telephony Subscribers Fee is further imposed.

You can select COSMOTE IoT SMS 60 plan to receive SMS alerts or send the geographical location of an object (f.i. car) via SMS etc.
Plan Monthly Fee Free Monthly Volume Charge beyond the Free Volume
COSMOTE IoT SMS 60 2,80 € 60SMS 0,10 €/SMS

The fee and the charge beyond the free usage of the plan COSMOTE IoT SMS 60 include 24% VAT and Mobile Telephony Subscribers’ Fee of 12%. The monthly bill of each mobile telephony connection is charged with a higher Mobile Telephony Subscribers’ Fee if its total amount (prior VAT) reaches a scale where higher fee is charged. For more information on the Mobile Fee click here.

You also have the option to combine the COSMOTE IoT SMS 60 rate plan with an additional SMS plan. Send all the texts you need at a low monthly fee.

Plan Monthly Fee Free Monthly Usage
SMS 500 3.9€ 500 SMS

Click here to activate the SMS plan you need online via My COSMOTE. You can also download My COSMOTE App and activate the plan you chose on your mobile.

For more information on plan charges click here.

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