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COSMOTE IoT Data Sharing
Financial Plan Fixed Monthly Rate Free Monthly Usage Charge after Free Data
Group 1 COSMOTE IoT Data Sharing 25MB €4,00 25MB €0,13/MB
COSMOTE IoT Data Sharing 50MB €5,00 50MB
COSMOTE IoT Data Sharing 100MB €6,00 100MB
Group 2 COSMOTE IoT Data Sharing 700MB €10,00 700MB €0,0309/MB
COSMOTE IoT Data Sharing 3GB €20,00 3GB
COSMOTE IoT Data Sharing 20GB €45,00 20GB

The fixed rates of the COSMOTE ΙοT Data Sharing 25MB, COSMOTE ΙοT Data Sharing 50MB, COSMOTE ΙοT Data Sharing 100MB, COSMOTE ΙοT Data Sharing 700MB, COSMOTE ΙοT Data Sharing 3GB, COSMOTE ΙοT Data Sharing 20GB programmes include 24% VAT and there is no additional Mobile Telephony Subscriber Fee added to the fixed rate.

Choose the COSMOTE IoT SMS 60 plan, to receive notifications (text message alerts) or send the geographical location of an item (e.g. a car) via text message, etc.
Financial Plan Fixed Monthly Rate Fixed Monthly Rate Charge after Free Data
COSMOTE IoT SMS 60 €2,80 60 Text Messages €0.10/text message

The fixed rate and charge after the free use of the COSMOTE IoT SMS 60 include 24% VAT and the 12% Mobile Telephony Subscriber Fee. The monthly bill for each mobile telephony connection is burdened with a higher Mobile Telephony Subscriber Fee, if its amount (before VAT) crosses into the scale in which a higher fee is applied. For more information regarding the Mobile Telephony Fee, click here.
Furthermore, you can combine the COSMOTE IoT SMS 60 programme with an additional text message plan, in order to send even more text messages with a lower monthly rate.
Plan Fixed Monthly Rate Free Monthly Usage
SMS 500 €3,9 500 Text Messages

Click here to activate the text message plan that best suits you online, through My COSMOTE. You can also download the My COSMOTE App to your mobile phone, to activate your plan of choice.

For more information regarding plan charges, click here.
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