Even if you have an entire fleet of company vehicles, you can be aware of their exact locations, no matter where they are!

COSMOTE in cooperation with Emphasis Telematics, has developed for your business the COSMOTE e-Track service. It is an end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solution, which allows you to monitor and manage your corporate vehicles’ fleet.
With the service you are able to:

  • Lower your products’ transport cost
  • Increase your company’s productivity
  • Improve customer service for your clients.
The service is provided by COSMOTE S.A.

How does COSMOTE e-Track work?

COSMOTE e-Track monitors the position of each vehicle through the use of GPS satellite system and transmits all the information gathered through COSMOTE’s superior network,  so you can track your vehicles from your PC or mobile phone.

What are the service benefits?
How to activate the service?
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