Driving Performance

Driving Performance

Reduce the operational costs of your vehicle fleet and configure a socially sensitive company profile, achieving "green" and safe driving! 

The Driving Performance service is provided in cooperation with G4S Telematix and belongs to the new generation of Ιnternet of Things (IoT) applications. The aim is to improve the driving behavior of your business fleet, ensuring green and safe driving, and to monitor the daily operation of the fleet. 

How does the service work

A smart satellite unit that transmits driving and activity data of the vehicle via a modern web application is installed in the vehicle.

The management - monitoring of the fleet vehicles is undertaken by the fleet manager or by the employee in charge, in real time, via a web application that provides: 

  • Display on Google Maps and detailed statistical reports on activity per vehicle and driver.
  • Information on the current location and status of each vehicle, on its speed as well as on its route history.
  • Graphic display of information in order to provide the employee in charge with statistical reports on performance and the option to extract KPI’s.
  • Profiles of dangerous drivers.
  • Display in real time of mechanical parameters such as engine temperature, clutch and gearbox operation, wear-out of the breaking system.
Moreover, the following are provided in order to improve the driving behavior of the driver:
  • The special device (DMAS) installed in the driver’s cabin displays security incidents in real time.
  • Colour indication according to the severity of the incident.
  • Colour grading at the end of each route. 

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