Coca-Cola 3E
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The need

In order to train the sales team of Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon to achieve an excellent activation of the market, the company needed a renewed practice, via digital training, that would take into consideration the strategic priorities of the company per channel, as well as the functional and aesthetic elements of each space.

The solutions

Comprehensive training platform Creation of a platform to train employees on store setup scenarios, following the “look of success” guidelines, via a mobile, tablet, desktop and virtual reality application.

Gamification Specially configured tests with intense gamification. The employees live a 360o navigation experience and come up with the perfect store by combining creativity, the strategic priorities and the activation tools of Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon.

The benefits

Training and assessment platformThe new comprehensive platform does not only rely on the innovation of the gamification technology, but also serves as a means of training and assessment.

Connection with Administration PanelContinuous content renewal by the administrators for progress analysis, identification of areas of improvement and extraction of KPI reports to better monitor and deploy the personnel.

Creation of a community / Enhancement of relationsGood use of the creativity and experience of employees for the establishment of a community that gives feedback for the degree of success of the activation according to the strategic priorities, thus enhancing the relation of the company with its people.

Distinctions: For the creation of aVatar Digital Interactive Training, Coca-Cola 3E, in collaboration with COSMOTE, were distinguished in BITE AWARDS in the category “Awards to IT & Telecommunications Companies” and subcategory “Introduction of new innovative product/service”.