Discount instead of Handset Subsidy

Discount instead of Handset Subsidy

If your mobile phone fits you perfect and you want to go on using it for one more year, COSMOTE offers you the option of a discount instead of the mobile subsidy for increased cost-effectiveness!

Subscribe to one of the COSMOTE business plans or renew your existing plan without purchasing a mobile device and enjoy a double benefit! Choosing the discount instead of the mobile subsidy, will get you a discount in your bill equal to the entire subsidy amount equally divided in the months. Thus you will not only be able to decrease on your company’s expenses, but also contribute in limiting natural resource use and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions produced for the manufacture and distribution of a mobile phone.

The service is provided by COSMOTE S.A.

How to get it

To find out more about your subsidy amount, dial Free 13818 over your COSMOTE Business mobile phone and enjoy personalized phone service thourgh your consultant, who is willing to deal quickly and effectively any request.