Contract Renewal

Welcome to online contract renewal for business.

Login to My COSMOTE and discover a new convenient way to renew your contract online.Select one of the three available options based on your business needs:
  1. Monthly discount on your tariff plan
  2. New Handset: Select from a wide variety the handset that best fits your own needs.
  3. Handset Subsidy for future use. Select this option if do not want to buy a handset now but later.
Select to renew your contract online and enjoy more benefits.
  • Completion of renewal within a day without any additional actions
  • View and save the detailed contract
  • Free shipping within 24 hours across Greece

Renew your contract easily and quickly on

1. Connect
using pin or My COSMOTE login
2. Select
discount in monthly fee, new smartphone or handset subsidy for future use
3. Fill in
order details where needed
4. Check out
and recieve the contract in your email