New plans COSMOTE Βusiness Mobile
With even more data and free talk time so that you can communicate with your partners and have control over your business.
The new COSMOTE Business Mobile plans offer unlimited intracompany calls, more free talk time and SMS to all networks and even more data! Now, you can communicate with your partners without thinking about the cost and surf the internet with the COSMOTE business plans via COSMOTE 4G, the largest 4G network in Greece, that keeps expanding in order to offer an unsurpassable mobile internet experience with the highest speeds and with coverage in most parts of the country!
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With the new COSMOTE Business Mobile plans you enjoy
We have the most extended 4G network in Greece and we keep expanding it in order to provide fast and reliable Cosmote mobile internet everywhere, including your business.
My COSMOTE for Businesses
You can see your bills, check the cost and manage your business connections from your Smartphone, tablet or desktop simply and easily, no matter where you are.
Free Roaming
Wherever you are in the European Union, you can use the free talk time, the MB and the SMS of your COSMOTE plans and communicate with your partners as if you were in Greece
COSMOTE WiFi Calling
Talk with your partners and the employees of your business with the help of COSMOTE, even in the most remote areas
COSMOTE Mobile Security
The mobile devices of your business are safe against attacks from malicious software or data interception.
COSMOTE Business Email
Enhance your corporate identity with corporate e-mail and 40GB free storage space.
Additional options for even lower cost
COSMOTE Business One
Combine your mobile plan with the landline of your business in order to gain more benefits.
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New Plans
COSMOTE Business Mobile

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