11888 Business Directory

11888 Business Directory

11888 Business Directory is an integrated solution responding to the needs of any modern professional to promote their business. It provides you with geo-coded information, mapped in detail, for professionals, institutions, and businesses based in Greece.

Choose the promotional plan that best fits your business profile and land:

  • Timely promotion of your business to a targeted audience  
  • A valid, credible, and effective promotional plan
  • 24/7 award-winning service centers
  • Flexible payment formula
Spread the word about your business to millions of potential clients, securing a targeted customer audience concurrently via phone, Internet, and mobile apps.

Go through all available promo plans here, and make your business radically successful, beyond expectations. Alternatively:   
  • Call 13888 and let us find the ideal promo plan for you and your business.
  • Sign in and pick your favorite promo plan here and we will get back to you discussing your needs in detail.
  • Let’s meet and discuss all possible solutions in one of our COSMOTE stores.