Bioiatriki Email Management System
Email Management System
The need

Transition to a modern email management system for all members of the personnel through a solution that will provide them with greater safety, a more user-friendly interface and flexibility for easy connectivity wherever they are.

The solutions
Microsoft 365

Supply of Microsoft 365 Enterprise E1 licenses to the main users of the company. The particular license plan includes online services such as Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint online.

Migration services

Provision of mailbox migration services from the local mail server to Exchange Online and Microsoft 365, allowing for interconnection via electronic email and calendar for better, faster and safer email exchange.

Managed Mailbox

Provision of the service Managed mailbox Experience – As a Service for the smooth transition, management and connection of users to the innovations of Exchange Online.

The benefits
User accessibility, flexibility

Deployment of the possibilities and benefits provided by the cloud, which give users the chance to have access to their emails and communication with their partners via any device from wherever they are.


Enhancement of the protection of the email from spam, malware and other threats.

Cost Savings

Release of local facility resources and high-cost software. Saving of time and resources in relation to the technology transition and management.