Athos Digital Heritage
Athos Digital Heritage The “treasures” of Mount Athos in a digital form
Athos Digital Heritage
A project of worldwide appeal aiming at the promotion of the treasures of Mount Athos
The need
The salvage, preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage of the Monastic Community of Mount Athos through the digitalization and documentation of its historical archive and artefacts, as well as its worldwide dissemination through the web.
The solutions
Digitalization of the historical archive and artefacts of the Monastic Community of Mount Athos via more than 2,000,000 digital records from all the fields of artistic creation and Christian orthodox art, as well as via 500 hours of audio material including liturgies and speeches.
Provision of equipment
Provision of IT equipment and software for the handling of the material to be digitalized.
Upgrading of telecommunications infrastructure
Installation of ultramodern fixed and mobile telephony networks, COSMOTE FIBER and COSMOTE 4G, at Mount Athos.
Data Center
Establishment of Data Center at Karyes and creation of private remote access VPN network for the transfer of the digitalized material and its documentation by scientists remotely.
Athos Digital Heritage portal
Creation of in 5 languages offering virtual tour services, electronic catalogues with the digitalized material and 3D depictions of the monasteries.
Material documentation
More than 200 distinguished experts have worked for the documentation of the material.
The benefits
Athos Digital Heritage is the greatest project in Greece in the sector of digital culture. Via, people from all over the world can now enter the sanctum of this holy land and discover its rare cultural wealth.
“The spiritual and historical heritage of Mount Athos is of inestimable value. It was an honour for us to contribute to its preservation and promotion through the creation of Athos Digital Heritage, an emblematic technological project which allows the world community to enter Mount Athos and at the same time introduces the Monastic Community of Mount Athos into the new digital era. With technology as our greatest ally, we will continue to make a better world for all.”
Mr. Michael Tsamaz OTE Group Chairman and CEO
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