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Konstantinidis Bros Migration to Azure
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Migration to Azure

Within the framework of modernizing internal apps, the company decided to change ERP in order to respond to its growing needs, with the support of COSMOTE. By choosing the SAP S/4HANA solution, the company  went after the optimum way for the installation and hosting of the system through its migration to Azure.

Assessment and planning
Assessment of the migration to Azure via a feasibility analysis, a migration plan that includes the move of groups, sequence and design/setup of infrastructure, including pilot applications.
Migration to Azure
Transfer of resources according to the plan and schedule, while shaping a solution for the creation of backup copies and data recovery, as well as validating the environment, applications, data and security.
HyperCare Services
Provision of HyperCare Services for two weeks following the migration, in order to resolve any problems that might occur during the early adoption period.
Taking advantage of the opportunities and benefits offered by the cloud, allowing the company to be more productive, anytime and from anywhere.
Facilitation and decrease in the cost of making backup copies and retrieving from outages. Emphasis on Business Continuity.
Cost reduction
Elimination of the CAPEX for the purchase of hardware/software in order to install and operate local data centers. Significant reduction in operating and maintenance costs.

We are very proud that we have enhanced the strategic collaboration of our company with OTE Group in new areas and technologies, such as the cloud. We are embarking, then, on the journey of the digital transformation of our company along with one of the most reliable partners.

Maria Konstantinidou CEO
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