Calpak Smart Manufacturing
Smart Manufacturing
The need

Development of a fully automated solar water heater production facility for Calpak in Loutraki. The goal of this pioneering technological solution is to increase the factory’s productivity and enhance the company’s competitiveness in the global arena. 

The solutions
Private Cellular Network - Campus Network
Design, implementation and operation of the innovative private cellular network with 4G/LTE technology, using equipment provided by Ericsson.
Network Integration
Integrated automated production ecosystem, incorporating robotic arms by Gizelis Robotics and Augmented Reality applications by PTC.
Machine Learning and Augmented Reality
Using algorithms, crucial data made by robotic mechanisms in almost real time are being collected and utilized.
The Benefits
Security and Stability
4G/LTE technology utilizes licensed spectrum, thus delivering top quality, high reliability services without interference.
Full Mobility
Supports full human and machine mobility, inside and outside the factory, while providing unmatched flexibility for any future rearrangement of the production lines.
Innovative Technology Solution

That can contribute decisively to the digital transformation of businesses, while accelerating the transition to “Industry 4.0” and “smart manufacturing”

Production Monitoring
The use of applications gives the opportunity to monitor the production from everywhere, introducing preventive maintenance procedures and remote technical guidance on faults and maintenance issues.
Production Optimization
Increase of production and quality optimization, while ensuring fewer disruptions in its operations and lower cost.

It is in Calpak’s DNA to continuously evolve and improve its production processes and products. This is why – in partnership with Ericsson, COSMOTE and Gizelis Robotics – we are eagerly investing in joining the 4th industrial revolution. With pride and passion, we are transforming our plant into the first smart factory in Greece using a cellular campus network, hoping to motivate other Greek companies to join us on this path. This important step is part of our ongoing effort to add value to our products to the benefit of our customers, and increase our competitiveness in Greece and abroad.”

Mr. Kostis Konstantinidis Calpak, CEO
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