Emergency Communications Service
112 Emergency Communications Service
Emergency Communications Service
The need

Upgrade and harmonization of the operation and capabilities of the European Emergency Service “112” in Greece*, in accordance with the European standards and specifications. Simultaneous optimization of the management of emergency incidents and situations.

*In Greece, the operating authority for the European Emergency Service 112 is the General Secretariat for Civil Protection from the Ministry of Citizen Protection.

The solutions
New infrastructure for 112

Two new fully autonomous 112 centers in Athens for high availability and uninterrupted operation, with a capacity of 1,440 simultaneous inbound/outbound calls, offering 100 1st level local operators’ positions for the reception of emergency incidents and up to 150 2nd level remote operator positions (Hellenic Police, Hellenic Fire Service, National Center for Medical Assistance, Hellenic Coast Guard) for the management of emergency incidents.

112 Inbound – Emergency Incident Management System

New centralized 112 Inbound Emergency Incidents Management System connected with the local Emergency Response authorities throughout Greece, allowing direct and effective coordination of authorities responsible for the management of emergency incidents , multiple communication channel support, offering automated retrieval of location information and depiction on the map , compatible with advanced features, such as AML (Advance Mobile Location ) and eCall for (emergency calls from vehicles in case of an accident).

112 Outbound - Citizen Alert System

New 112 Citizen Alert System, allowing alerting services from 112 to the public (Reverse 112), such as alerts to citizens in a particular geographical area via Cell Broadcast messages, voice calls, SMS and emails, public alerts for an emergency situation via social media (Facebook, Twitter) and other alternative channels, as well as features facilitating the communication of authorities and organizations involved in the management of emergency situations.

112.gr portal
New 112 Portal (112.gr) via which the citizens have the means to subscribe to address-based alerting service of the 112 Citizen Alert System, so as to receive alerts for emergency situations based on selected address and communication channel.
The benefits
High availability/ Uninterrupted operation
112 operates 24/7 with accessible systems in high availability architecture both at infrastructure/application and interconnection levels, active-active parallel operation of the two 112 call centers allowing full utilisation of the operator positions and telecom infrastructure, including algorithms for optimization of large volumes of mass outbound calls.
112 incident handling by local emergency authorities
Each incoming 112 incident is received and recorded centrally, and the caller is connected to the local authority or authorities in charge (Hellenic Police, Hellenic Fire Service, National Center for Medical Assistance, Hellenic Coast Guard). Local emergency authorities have direct access to the information collected on the incident and can fully undertake the emergency call or handle it jointly with other involved authorities.
Multiple communication channels
Citizens can contact 112 via voice calls, SMS, MMS. Email and fax are also supported.
Automated caller geolocation
Calls to 112 include network/ cell-based location info or installation address data, for mobile and fixed calls respectively, retrieved automatically via the integration with mobile and fixed operators systems. The introduction of AML, under development, will allow further significant improvement of location data accuracy for mobile calls with the inclusion of handset-based location data as sent by the mobile.

Citizen calls to 112 are automatically enhanced with information regarding the location and range of the antenna that served the call as well as caller address details, while the implementation for activation of advanced positioning functions through device operating system (Advance Mobile Location-AML) is in progress.
Citizen Alerts
Mass and map-based alerts to the citizens via various technologies and channels (Cell broadcast, SMS, email, voice alerts) for an emergency or dangerous situation, which constitutes a direct threat to the life, health or safety of citizens. Ability for combined/ simultaneous or gradual use of different channels with the same or different message.

112 project is an integrated solution designed and implemented by OTE, while OTE Group also provides the telecommunications infrastructure (24+24 PRI lines) for the interconnection of 112 centers with the telephone network, as well as customer support for the new service, with specialized and trained operators speaking Greek, English and French.
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