Vision – Mission – Business Strategy

Vision – Mission – Business Strategy

OTE operates in a rapidly changing telecommunications environment, which is affected by developments within Europe, by changes and advances taking place worldwide, by the evolution of the services offered by Telecommunications Providers, by the increasing intensity of competition, as well as by the requirements of the regulatory and legislative framework.
OTE’s objectives primarily target sustainable development and increased  competitiveness, by offering high-quality products, services and customer care and by providing ‘combo-packages’, as well as by simultaneously tapping into synergies operating at intra-Group level.


OTE’s vision is to ensure the growth of the Company and to maintain its leading position in the market, by offering the best-possible experience to its customers, both in Greece as well as within the broader South-East European market.


  • Achieving profitable and sustainable growth, taking into account the conditions prevailing in the current exceedingly competitive market;
  • Consolidating market share and creating new sources of revenue (IP-TV, satellite TV, ICT);
  • Fostering closer relations with customers and offering high-quality services based on innovative technologies;
  • Further developing and expanding its portfolio of broadband services (VDSL2);
  • Reducing operating costs and, by extension, improving the price of its service offering, in regard to both existing as well as new services;
  • Training its workforce, thus further developing the abilities and skills of its employees across all levels in the hierarchy;
  • Bringing added value to the markets where it operates, through the adoption of Corporate Responsibility principles.

Business Strategy

In the context of the serious economic crisis prevailing in all market sectors, which also specifically affects the telecommunications market environment, the Company has adopted the following primary strategic objectives:

  • Offering innovative high-speed solutions, on the basis of its comprehensive network infrastructure, in such a manner as to generate value both for its shareholders as well as for society;
  • Expanding broadband penetration in the Greek market and maintaining OTE’s market-leading position, by fully tapping into the Company’s competitive advantages;
  • Enhancing customer service, by providing more substantial and rapid after-sales support;
  • Expanding and upgrading the OTE network, aiming at the gradual transition to a “new generation” network;
  • Achieving  equitable treatment of OTE by regulatory bodies;
  • Incorporating the principles of Corporate Responsibility within the Company’s business plans.

OTE’s vision, mission and business strategy, as well as its relations with Stakeholders, are governed by corporate and moral values and are set forth in the Company’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

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