Training Programmes

Training Programmes

OTE’s training programmes aim at upgrading and promoting the new training philosophy that teaches multiple skills and necessary techniques regarding good communication and the provision of quality customer services, as well as the more efficient promotion of Company products and services.
In the effort to better train as well as familiarise human resources with specialised knowledge that results in better adaptation to the company’s development goals OTE has created a systematic training cycle consisting of the following stages:

  • Diagnosis of training needs
  • Planning - designing training programmes
  • Implementation of training and education programmes
  • Evaluation of training activities
Total training hours
Training 2009 2010
Total training hours 158,430 135,368
Average training hours per year, per trainee 24 23
Total trainees 6,853 5,895

The average training hours per year by gender, in 2010, were:         
-Men: 28.92
-Women: 111.50

Specifically, for 2010, the training programmes covered the following subject areas:

Number of participants in training programmes
Information and Communication Technologies 438
Sales Development 1,037
Human Resources Management 736
Computer Tools 340
Foreign Languages 70
Information Systems 178
OTE Technical and Commercial Issues 2,651
Telecommunications Technologies 51
Health and Safety 125
Financial 59
Conferences – Certifications 210

Also, in 2010 and in cooperation with OTEAcademy, mandatory for all employees, e-learning courses on Security Awareness were provided, aiming at providing in-depth training and awareness to all OTE employees on security issues (7,672 participants)while OTE’s Central Library served more than 570 Group employees and students who visited it, alongside with the Internet portal,, which receives a lot of visitors.

The number of employees that were classroom trained on Compliance issues (combating Corruption) was 477, from a total of 586 employees (in scope), with a participation percentage of 81.40%.

The Security Personnel Administration Department, in cooperation with OTEAcademy, provided training to Security Personnel (94 units) from 20 April 2010 to 13 May 2010, on “Basic Principles of Installations Security.” Some of the subjects included in the training programme were:

  • Buildings and People Security
  • Emergency cases, first aid, fire safety.
  • Personnel mobilisation and diligence for systematic energy and water saving, in order to deal with the energy wastage generated from lights that are left turned on unnecessarily and water leaking from taps – toilet tanks at OTE buildings.

A training programme and material for Environmental Management Seminars, in accordance with International standard ISO 14001, was designed, developed, approved and integrated to OTEAcademy’ s Training Programme for the 1st Period of 2011.

Training seminars on issues of Quality were planned in Athens & Thessaloniki for the 1st semester of 2011.