Telecommunication Providers

Telecommunication Providers

Telecommunication Providers
Means of Communication Main issues raised by stakeholders OTE’s Response
- Customer Satisfaction Surveys Customer Loyalty/Satisfaction Barometer - Website

- Managers of Telecommunications Providers
-Improvement of the total service of the Telecommunications providers

-Need for further improvement in the satisfaction level regarding the resolution of malfunctions/damages/complaints

- Continue compliance to the regulatory requirements for Providers

- Continue providing information to Providers regarding OTE services and the progress of their requests
- Reinforcement and support of the Sales Team (Managers and back office)

- Better communication and service through:
  • Key Account Manager
  • One Stop Shopping
  • Single Bill

- Operation of the 'Provider Fault Reporting Centre’ on a 24/7, 365 days/year basis (after sales support)

- Expansion to new services and upgrading of the current applications, for electronic submission of W-CRM requests information systems

-Training/ presentations to the executives of the providers on Wholesale CRM systems

- Considerable improvement of response and management times for all the requests made by the providers

- Improvement of the sales tools available to the telecommunications providers (electronic, technical, commercial, descriptions/presentations of products-services, e-brochures)

- Visual and operational website renewal

- Activation of new interactive applications (wholesale newsletter)