Social Marketing

Social Marketing

Since 2003, OTE has been donating a significant part of the revenue generated from its Christmas campaign, for assisting charity organisations. In 2010, the amount of EUR200,000, which was generated from purchases made at OTESHOP stores, through the 13888 number or during the 2010-2011 Christmas season, was given to help the goals of Charity organisations such as the Association ‘The Smile of the Child’, the charity caring for people with Neuromuscular Conditions, MDA Hellas and the Union ‘Together for Children.

Results of the 2009-2010 Christmas Campaign:
“The Smile of the Child” Association
Support to the Child & Family Support Centre that has been operating since 2008 and which in 2010 helped 854 children and their families in total.
Association for People with Neuromuscular Diseases, MDA HELLAS
Support to the creation of the Union’s ‘Youth Centre’ aiming at providing comprehensive services (in addition to the services provided through the 3 MDA Units at hospitals), as well as at the better social integration of patients, by attracting Members & Volunteers to the premises of the Centre.
The Union ‘Together For Children’
Consists of 10 charitable non-profit organisations that have been cooperating since 1996, bound together by the same love, solidarity and equitability to help society’s most sensitive element, children, and especially children in need. The Association’s efforts annually embrace and support 5,000 children with mental disabilities, mobility impairments, family problems and severe diseases, by offering optimum living conditions and a better future.
  1. The Foundation ‘CHILD’S HOME’ [PEDIKI STEGI]
    Day-care for pre-school children of under-privileged working mothers.
    Landscaped the courtyard for one of the 5 Children’s Homes of the Foundation (Papastratios), provided furniture for 2 Children’s Homes (Argentios & Kinosargous) and air conditioning units for 2 of the Children’s Homes (Crossfield & Papastratios).
  2. Merimna’
    Association that provides care to Children and Families during Sickness and Death.
    Purchased equipment (furniture, computers etc.) for the new ‘Merimna’ unit, ‘Paediatric Palliative Care at Home Service’ that has been operating since January 2010.

  3. Hellenic Association Against Juvenile Diabetes
    Covered expenses for the renovation of the MAKRINITSA apartment, camp, ‘OUR NEWS’ Magazine [TA NEA MAS], ELTA (Post) and provided financial support to an underprivileged member of the Association.

  4. ’Pnoi – Fili Entatikis Therapias Pediou’ [Children Intensive Care Association]
    Provides support to the children and infant intensive care unit.
    Purchased an Infant Flow SiPAP system for the needs of the Neonatal Department of the ‘ELENA VENIZELOU’ Maternity Clinic.

  5. SOS Children Villages of Greece
    Protects children that, due to grave social reasons, have been permanently deprived of the care of their natural parents.
    Covered expenses for food, medical and socio-pedagogical care for children being hosted at the ‘SOS-ELIZA’ Hostel, for abused-neglected babies and infants, operating expenses for the Hostel and personnel payroll.

  6. Social Service Foundation – ‘Hatzipaterio’ Centre for the Rehabilitation of Children with Cerebral Palsy
    Covered almost 58% of the total annual cost of the ‘Tele-KASP’ Programme for remote services for the rehabilitation of children with cerebral paralysis living in remote areas of the country.

  7. HARA’ Centre for People with Special Needs
    Boarding house for children with learning difficulties and intellectual disabilities
    Covered the personnel’s payroll expenses and IKA insurance fund contributions.

  8. Friends of the Foundation ‘I THEOTOKOS’
    Association for supporting the ‘THEOTOKOS’ Foundation for the Evaluation, Education & Rehabilitation of children with mental disabilities.
    Supported the Occupational Training & Career Advancement Centre, a newly established independent department of the ‘I THEOTOKOS’ Foundation.

  9. Cerebral Palsy Greece
    The objective of the Society is to provide welfare to people with cerebral palsy in Greece.
    Covered 8 months of operating expenses for the Music-therapy department (fees & insurance contributions for 2 musicians).

  10. Association ‘Friends of the Child’
    Takes care of children facing health and serious family problems.
    Purchased heaters for 24 underprivileged families and electrical appliances for 10 underprivileged families, paid tuition fees for English language lessons and purchased English-language books for underprivileged children.