In 2010 Romtelecom developed projects on the following CSR categories:

  • Children
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Culture
  • Charity
- Romtelecom has been supporting the children’s cause for 10 years, having a traditional partnership with the Child Helpline Association, which manages the European number “116 111” in Romania, dialled for any child-related issue. The Child Helpline Association reported in 2009 an increase of calls made by children simply to communicate with someone. To evaluate the phenomenon, Romtelecom commissioned a nationwide study which revealed that parents spend little time with their children and they don’t communicate enough with them.

- In April 2010 the company launched the campaign “Child, looking for time. To spend with my parents” through the Foundation “Romtelecom for Romanians”, with the support of the Child Helpline Association and The campaign was rolled out nationally on TV and radio stations. A dedicated website ( was developed and a psychotherapist specialized in child therapy was assigned to offer counselling throughout the campaign. The campaign had an extensive external component (conference and press release, TV and radio interviews, online videos, dedicated topic on, etc.), but also an internal one (Intranet, newsletter, e-mail to all employees, online meeting between psychotherapist and employees). The campaign generated over 150 articles online and traditional press

- Supported the campaign “Child Helpline through your eyes”, which aimed to bring children closer to the dedicated line, in order to identify the needs and expectations they have from the “116111” consultants. During the first phase of the campaign every child in Romania had the opportunity to send his/her wishes (in forms of letters) and expectations from Child Helpline 116111

- During Christmas time, Romtelecom supported children’s cause via partnerships with various Romanian non-profit organizations. For the second year consecutively, the company continued the project “A child is an icon” initiated by My Flower Association, addressed to children from orphanages. Also, Romtelecom and Asociatia P.A.V.E.L. “brought” Santa Claus to children which were into hospital in Bucharest. Over 230 hospitalized children received toys, candies and clothing

- In 2010 Romtelecom choose to carry on the stories of children with special situations to its partners, by sending, on Christmas, a special greeting instead of the traditional one, meant to draw attention upon the cause of children in Romania

- In 2010 Romtelecom continued to fight against breast cancer through the support granted to the Center of Breast Disease Diagnosis “Renasterea” and through a special helpline available for information and advices

- Around 26,000 women benefited of professional investigations and only in 2010, “Renasterea Foundation” registered a number of 5,000 patients and 205 cases of breast cancer, compared with 2009 when registered a number of 4,176 patients and 300 cases

- In 2010 Romtelecom also covered the expenses of purchasing medical equipment for Blood Transfusion Centre in Bucharest

The company supported the project “Let’s do it Romania!” that aimed to clean up the garbage from various natural areas in the entire country in one day. This project planned to make the people more responsible towards the environment and gathered over 200.000 volunteers, including the ones from Romtelecom. The project is an international initiative which will also continue in the following years.

Romtelecom continued to support the participation at the Avignon Theatre Festival in France of the well-known in Romania Theatre Company Passe Partout that activates under the patronage of Dan Puric, a leading figure of the Romanian art and culture.

- During 2010 Romtelecom, as it does every year helped people in need or children affected by deadly diseases offering them free telephone lines for raising funds
- Also the company supported the Association Habitat Romania in the project of house rebuilding for the people affected by the floods in order for them to purchase electric radiators and home appliances in general

- In the winter holidays season, Romtelecom helped Second Chance Association to assure the Christmas meal for 1000 poor people from Berceni village and the employees from Romtelecom headquarter unified their efforts to gather groceries  for the poor families from Bucharest.