With our Employees

With our Employees

OTE remains one of the largest employers in Greece with almost 11,000 employees.  The performance and development of OTE employees is intrinsic to the company’s performance, especially in the challenging economic era facing Greece.

OTE’s strategic goals in employee policies and practices are to increase the company’s competitiveness and ensure a quality, safe and productive working environment where employees can develop their talents and contribute to the company’s modernisation.


Personnel distribution per gender and age
20-24 9 11 20
25-29 203 224 427
30-34 886 494 1,380
35-39 781 412 1,193
40-44 990 700 1,690
45-49 1,647 656 2,303
50-54 2,202 340 2,542
55-59 1,128 141 1,269
60-64 74 22 96
65+ 1 4 5
TOTAL 7,921 3,004 10,925

In 2010, the milestones in OTE’s employee policies and practices were:

  • Implementation of a voluntary departure program for 461 employees.
  • Implementation of a Corporate Collective Labour Agreement between OTE and OME-OTE for the incorporation of OTENET employees into the OTE Personnel Internal Regulation (hereinafter PIR-OTE), the Transfer Regulation and the OTE Personnel Payroll.
  • Completion of the pilot implementation of HR Helpdesk services, established to provide quick solutions to Human Resources issues and aiming at informing employees on different issues of concern to them (salary, additional benefits, etc.)
  • Establishment and implementation of a new payroll system for indefinite term employees hired before 2005 (from 1 January 2010), and of another one for temporary employees (from 1 March 2010).
  • Establishment and implementation of a new internal job-posting policy for filling vacant positions.
  • Hiring of 68 regular employees with different specialties at OTE departments throughout Greece.
  • Provision of internships at OTE Departments to 907 students while they complete their studies.
  • Implementation of training/e-learning sessions on various issues, such as Compliance Management System, Corporate Security,  etc
  • Intranet use, in such a way that “U-link” is establishing itself as the primary internal communication tool for OTE employees.
  • Prospect of integration of the OTE employee survey into a broader Deutsche Telekom Group survey.