OTE Telecommunications Museum

OTE Telecommunications Museum

In 2010, the OTE Telecommunications Museum completed twenty years of existence. It was created through the hard work of its employees and the company’s support. Its operation pertains to issues relevant to the acquisition, acceptance, safeguarding, conservation, recording, documentation, research, study and publication and especially the public display of items concerning telecommunications technology, from Greek antiquity up to the present. Therefore, it falls under the category of technological museums. By operating the only Telecommunications Museum in Greece, OTE responsibly manages its corporate heritage.

Currently, the OTE Telecommunications Museum is focusing its efforts on educating and entertaining the largest possible number of visitors. Admission and tours in the Museum are free of charge to the public.

Museum’s Visitors
  • School Groups

    The Museum is a popular destination for schools from Attica and the Periphery. The visitor statistics for school groups, classified into academic years ¹ (September – June) are as follows:
    • 6,800 pupils from 140 schools, during academic year 2009-2010
    • 10,186 pupils from 236 schools, during academic year 2010-2011²
  • Special Groups

    The Museum was visited by 400 people from a diverse range of organisations, including Disabled people groups such as MDA Hellas (Association for People with Neuromuscular Diseases) and KEA-MEA (Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled People), as well as STYA (School for Technical Non-commissioned Air Force Officers), and members of OTE Cultural Centres, etc.
  • Individual Visitors

    We have recorded, for the first time, visits by individual persons, especially from younger age groups. For 2010, 320 individual persons visited the Museum, in the framework of specific actions, anniversary events etc.

Highlights of the Museum’s Activities in 2010

An array of new activities has been launched, in order to target new audience categories. The principal among them are provided below:

  • The launch of the digital mosaic depicting Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, made from dozens of exhibits from its collections.
  • The organisation of information sessions, addressed to children and adults, on the subject of safe Internet.
  • The first themed educational programme on telecommunications, for children aged 5-8, titled 'Children's Visual Arts Studio on Telecommunications', (participation of 230 children, among which children from the “Pammakaristos” Special School, during November & December 2010).
  • Participation of the Museum in the Museum Walk, which was organised in the framework of the Athens International Film Festival.

For more information on the OTE Telecommunications Museum visit: http://www.ote.gr/portal/page/portal/OTEGR/TheCompany/MuseumOfTelecommunications

¹ In 2010 a new reporting tool was adopted for school groups, which records the traffic per academic year (Sept - June) and not per calendar year, since the Museum serves school groups on a daily basis. This method if by far more efficient, as it is consistent with the real time of operation of the schools (holidays, Christmas and Easter vacations). The same rationale is followed by the Museum and in the school visitation-planning book from September till June.
² Based on planned visits (booked) until June.