Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO

During such difficult, defining times for Greece, OTE’s commitment to be a competitive, innovative and socially responsible company is stronger than ever.  As one of the largest corporate entities in Greece and South-East Europe, OTE is called to play the role of growth driver in an economy and society that is going through the most challenging time.

For OTE, progress in the market goes hand in hand with responsibility towards our people, customers, the environment and society.  OTE’s nationwide presence and role in everyday life gives the company unique contact every day with the hopes and ambitions, concerns and worries of the people. This has always shaped our social contributions, to charities and in emergencies, to education and young people, as well as our business decisions and investments, and it encapsulates the essence of our CR programme.

In 2010, and for the years ahead, OTE has defined its Corporate Responsibility priorities in these essential terms:

  • Working every day to ensure OTE sustains its leading competitive position and contributes to the competitiveness of the wider economy;
  • Strong commitment to good governance, transparency and fiscal responsibility, and to the welfare of all those who contribute to and make a living out of our Group’s activities.
  • Providing strong value and quality service to customers and investing continuously in the new technologies and network infrastructure to expand  broadband penetration and bridge the digital divide within society and geographically;
  • Taking active steps towards contributing to a low carbon society and making telecoms a “green” sector.

As the pages of this Report show, OTE’s actions prove that it seriously regards our business and social responsibilities as inextricably linked with the company’s success. In these testing times, it is crucial for OTE to prove that we uphold our values and principles through actions. This is what OTE is determined to do and, with ambition and optimism, we plan to continue to strive to achieve our goals in Greece and all our regional markets.

Mr Michael Tsamaz,
Chairman and CEO, OTE S.A.