With the Marketplace

With the Marketplace

OTE focuses on optimising the operation of its infrastructure, as well as on offering quality services, which constitute basic tools used by its customers as part of their activities and in their daily life. Quality, transparency, responsibility and social awareness rank at the top of OTE’s marketplace priorities on a daily basis.

OTE’s Marketplace priorities entail:

  • The continuous improvement of customer satisfaction levels, by providing premium quality services and customer support;
  •  The installation of active equipment (modem routers, Dslam, etc), both in outlying Regions as well as in Attica, in order to achieve higher connection speeds;
  • The development of a Next Generation Access (NGA) Network, with the aim of migrating to the new broadband networks faster and in a technically superior manner;
  • The continuous improvement of operational performance, the competitive efficiency of sales networks and customer service operations;
  • Proactively safeguarding and further increasing its market share through the planning, implementation and commercial promotion of innovative and safe/reliable products, services and integrated solutions that combine network and information technologies.

Direct economic contribution of OTE and its Subsidiaries

OTE’s strong presence, which is not confined to Greece but also encompasses South-East Europe through its subsidiaries, also serves to boost the markets and economies of the countries where it operates, as well as contributing towards their modernisation and development, through the provision of innovative telecommunications products and services.

Payments for OTE and subsidiaries (amounts in Euro millions) 2009 * 2010
Salaries and benefits (Bonus) 1.244,2 1.167,1
Income taxes paid 382,4 238,9
International provider charges 184,0 190,3
Domestic provider charges 516,3 414,6
Telecommunications equipment cost 475,1 447,3
Fees & commissions due to third parties 1.190,4 1144,8
Shareholder returns 410,9 39,6

* Adjusted due to change in accounting policy (Note 32 of Dec 31, 2010 OTE IFRS report)

Maintaining competitiveness

2010 was a difficult year for the Greek economy, but also for the economies of countries worldwide. OTE, always with the aim of maintaining the company's competitive edge, primarily focused on the following:

  • customer satisfaction
  • upgrading infrastructure
  • containing costs
  • optimising corporate gains
  • developing and mobilising its employees
  • equitable treatment by regulatory authorities

Further information is available in the 2010 Annual Report, at:

The aforementioned issues, including those of interest to local communities and regarding the ecological footprint, also cover the main questions posed by OTE Stakeholders.