Year on year, OTE’s intranet, the “U-link”, is establishing itself as the primary internal communication tool for OTE employees, remaining committed to its goal to inform employees in a timely and direct manner, as well as to facilitate their access to information and encourage cooperation between company departments.
In 2010:

  • The number of employees with U-link access amounted to 10,400 (an increase of 9.5%).
  •  66 new topics and more than 1,500 new documents were added to the intranet site.
  • 27 promotional actions, in total, through banners (27% increase compared to 2009).
  • Τhe employee team that represents the company’s Departments and contributes to the publication of the intranet topics, now consists of 382 executives (an increase of 9%).
  • Τhe first electronic survey was conducted regarding employee satisfaction from using the company’s intranet site, which found that 70.2% of participants evaluated U-link as “very satisfying to exceptional” and 94% as “quite to very important” for the company. The survey’s results are used to further develop the U-link system and enrich its topics in 2011.

In 2010, U-link became the basic communication vehicle for raising employee awareness on Corporate Responsibility issues, providing detailed information regarding OTE’s Corporate Responsibility Programme and guaranteeing easy employee access to the relevant available material (Corporate Responsibility document and Annual Corporate Responsibility Reports, etc).
The specialised sections on Corporate Responsibility posted on the intranet site:

  • Systematically present OTE actions, such as the OTE Employee Volunteerism Programme¹, the OTE Employee Blood Donation Programme, the Recycling Programme², the actions by the Employee Cultural Centres and OTE’s Mixed Choir;  employee health and safety issues, extraordinary actions ,etc.
  • Provide updates to raise employee awareness on Corporate Responsibility issues, with relevant articles on ‘Earth Hour,’ ‘World Environment Day,’ ‘World Blood Donor Day,’ ‘European Mobility Week,’ ‘Safer Internet Day,’ etc.
  • Achieve greater employee involvement and participation, for example through electronic searches on internal responsibility issues (325 employees participated) or participation in actions like the release of wild birds event in collaboration with NGO ‘ANIMA’ (planned and implemented electronically) etc.
  • Present the work of Non-Governmental Organisations cooperating with OTE, through updates on their actions (reforestation in Parnitha by 'ANIMA’, updates on forest protection in cooperation with NGO ‘Kallisto’, etc).

Indicatively, in 2010, 93 relevant publications of items on CR were made (40% more than in 2009).

¹ For more information on these initiatives, see the sections Building Ties with Society, OTE’s Employee Volunteerism Programme with NGOs
² For more information on these initiatives, see the section Building Ties with the Environment, Recycling Initiatives at OTEShops