Internal Campaigns

Internal Campaigns

Through U-link, as well as through printed material (posters, publications etc.), we carried out the following programmes, supported by internal campaigns, for briefing and training of OTE employees:

  • Corporate Security Programme

    An awareness programme for all OTE employees on issues regarding the protection of Company property (material and immaterial) and minimising the possibility of damage caused by hazards, aiming at creating a security culture through:

    • A presentation, in electronic form, of corporate security issues for the routine day-to-day operation of the Company (Security Awareness),
    • An electronic Employee Training (For more information: Building Ties with Employees, Training Programmes)
    • Documents, procedures and instructions that provide knowledge, updates and guidance to all employees regarding the implementation of simple daily rules, which ensure company security against hazards and threats

    Detailed updates, through the intranet, can be found in specific sections such as:

    • IT Security
    • Systems & Networks Security
    • Physical Access Security
    • Fire Safety
  • Anti-smoking Programme

    Measures, aiming at implementing a smoking ban in all closed company areas and helping employees permanently quit smoking were introduced. A help line (1256) was also created, through which all employees wishing to quit smoking can obtain information from OTE occupational doctors.

    Moreover, intranet material was posted, such as:
    • Framework for the implementation of the law at OTE
    • Information regarding the consequences due to smoking
    • Provision of advice to smokers for quitting smoking
  • Programme for the Compliance Management System
    Information and reading material were posted on the intranet for the awareness of the company’s employees regarding Compliance issues, such as:
    • Principles of the Compliance System (Priority to the client, Respect and integrity, Fair play and transparency, Team work and professionalism, Credibility)
    • Organisational structure of the system
    • Policies, such as the Policy on the acceptance and offering of corporate gifts and the Policy on the organisation of Corporate events
    • Risk assessment
    • “Ask me” and “Tell me” procedures
    • Law
    • Cases

    Further information on these programmes is available in the Corporate Governance section.

  • Growth Strategic Programme (7 crucial projects)

    A dynamic programme for the restructuring of the company, in order to successfully handle modern challenges, covering seven subject areas and four individual targets, for which the executives of OTE were briefed.

    The four targets are:

    • increase future revenues
    • safeguard future employment
    • increase competitiveness
    • decrease company costs

    The 7 co-dependent subject matters-projects involve:

    • Field Works (Workforce Management)
    • Call Centres
    • Network Operation Centres
    • Store Network
    • Real Estate
    • New Fibre Optic Access Network (Fiber to the X)
    • Human Resources Optimisation