Regarding this Report

This ‘2010 Corporate Responsibility (CR) Report’ is the sixth annual report on Hellenic Telecommunication Organization’s (OTE) economic, social and environmental activities and performance. As in previous years, the Reports’ primary focus and boundary is OTE S.A operations in Greece. In addition, summary information is provided for OTE Group economic performance and the CR activities of OTE Group subsidiaries.

OTE is committed to continuously and consistently incorporating the principles of Social Responsibility into the Company’s corporate strategy.  Accordingly, our CR Report focuses on both our CR strategy and its implementation through our ‘Building Ties’ program, which covers OTE’s practices and performance in the Marketplace, towards Employees, the Environment, and towards Society in Greece.

For the first time, the 2010 Report is presented as both an “Online Report” at a specific microsite (www.ote.gr/cr2010/cr2010_en) within the OTE website, and as a summary Printed Report presented at the OTE Annual Meeting.   Our approach to reporting online and in print is as follows:

  • Both the Online Report and Printed Report present a concise summary of our main activities and achievements for 2010 and our future goals. 
  • The Online Report provides the comprehensive level of information and data, and is the basis for the GRI Application Level Check and the External Assurance of the 2010 Report.
  • OTE subsidiaries CR activities in Greece and abroad are available in the online CR Report, in the address: http://www.ote.gr/cr2010/cr2010_en/
  • The Printed Report indicates the topics on which additional information is provided in the Online Report. 

As in previous years, OTE’s approach to CR reporting reflects our commitment to systematic harmonization with international CR standards. In 2010 we have again applied the ‘G3 Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), including the GRI ‘G3.1’ guidelines regarding diversity and human rights for the indicators on which we report.  And, as in previous years, we report on our ongoing commitment to uphold the principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

For the second successive year, our 2010 CR report is subject to external assurance covering both GRI application and the AA1000 AccountAbility Principles Standard. During 2010, we have further developed our approach to applying the AA1000 Standard through further development and reporting of stakeholder dialogue mechanisms. Our overall approach to AA1000 and its three principles of inclusivity, materiality and responsiveness is outlined in the “CR and Business Strategy” section of this Report.

For your opinions and comments regarding our Corporate Responsibility Report, you can visit our website at (URL available in mid – June) or contact the OTE Corporate Responsibility Section via e-mail at CorporateResponsibility@ote.gr or telephone to: +302106118681, +302106118178, +30210 6115754, fax: +302106115873.